Ted Talk - Professional Model Cameron Russell Asks, Why Be A Model?

As a part of a recent TED series, 'Be Fearless', Cameron Russell, who has been a professional model and walked for some of the biggest names in fashion, advises young women everywhere not to look at modeling as a viable career path. In such bold claims, she gives a look into the fashion industry from the viewpoint of a model. 

Aside from the advice within the video, she opens up the world of fashion photography and illustrates how the images that we see are a product of so many creative professionals. This is a great video for other photographers who are either just starting in the fashion industry, for those in other genres, or just a general video that would be engaging for anyone interested in the industry.

What do you make of her points within the video? Do you think she is on point or is it exaggerated?

[Via Huffington Post]

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Pixyst's picture

Having watched it I have ask, how accurate this title you have given it is. It does grab the attention however, so well done .... plus it is a pretty good presentation. 

Mr Blah's picture

She's dead on I think.

we can't avoid the Ps'ed fashion models, and bikini ads and CLEAR racial inequalities in our world.
And we can't always make a difference in those matter.

But at least we can be aware and share that awareness with enough people that it could change something. Because if image is powerfull and superficial, knowledge is almigthy.

She sure has a brillant brain to go with those legs!

Edward Carlile's picture

Good human.

Good presentation. But few questions linger, she just now realized this 10 years later into her career? Wonder why she didn't speak up sooner? 

Tam Nguyen's picture

She probably did, but she's just now had the chance to speak it up to a larger audience.

Joseph Graf's picture

Every profession has its dark side. No exceptions.

Mbutu Namubu's picture

Whether or not she knows it, she's promoting a radical egalitarianism.

The political ideologies associated with egalitarianism can eventually be taken to the extreme and create a demand for "equality of outcome." All forms of inequality must be destroyed. Eventually, beauty itself is seen as tyrannical and is targeted for destruction. Yes, beauty is a genetic lottery. No, not everybody wins the lottery. Does that mean that beauty should be downplayed in order to make everyone feel included?

W van de Kletersteeg's picture

I'm impressed, and definitely not only by her beauty.