Tom Guilmette Shows How Sports Are Done

We were first introduced to Tom Guilmette's work last week when he showed us how to shoot slow motion video at 718 fps. This next video is even better! Tom takes us behind the scenes of a Big East college basketball game. Cox Sports shows us everything that goes into producing a sports program at the event and piping it to your television at home. After watching the last 3 minutes or so of real time action, I think I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to work on something like this day in and day out. Tom has more information on his blog; hope you guys enjoy!

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WOW! That's huge project every game!

wow what a walk down memory lane. Was a part of of a production like that for a bit and live tv is really like a controlled chaos haha loved it tho!

So much concentration for the camera work and the guys in the truck, I think, have it worse. You have to edit so quick and get it ready for a replay.

This is really cool! Every time I go to a UofSC game, I'm always checking out the huge production trucks while I'm walking into the stadium. Always wondered how all of this stuff worked. Talk about short deadlines and high stress! Thanks for sharing.

You should also check out Tom Guilmettes video on getting creative when shooting OSB

Some really AMAZING stuff in there.

So interesting. It's amazing how much hard work goes behind the scenes that we (the viewer) takes for granted. This was an awesome look into that!

"local COX employees"

that woman has a pottymouth