Twenty Strangers Kiss for the First Time

Youtube user Tatia Pllieva produced a video with WREN Studio in which 20 strangers were coupled together and asked to kiss for the first time. This 3 and a half minute video had my attention from the beginning all the way until the end, no questions asked. Things got awkward. Things got hot. Things got awesome.

The video really highlights a huge array of emotions. I like how it starts by showing people visually feeling awkward and trying to make small conversation to smooth things out. We see a bit of talking, fidgeting, and looking around as the strangers worked their way in for the actual kiss in some casual and clearly nervous manners. It is kind of amusing in a cool way because I think anyone in that position would feel almost exactly like these people. "What was your name again?" - "This right here is the awkward moment. . . " - "Just go whenever?" - were probably my favorite quotes to start the video.

Once everyone seems to get passed the slight awkward phase, they seem to just go for it. Multiple couples kiss like they've been training for this moment for years and there were even a few times I was thinking the video was going to start becoming NSFW.

After the "first kiss" is shared, you can almost sense a connection between everyone. Holding hands, constant smiles, and asking if they could keep kissing are just a few hints that this experiment really brought strangers together in a way that you wouldn't expect. I really enjoyed it from beginning until end.

What did you think of the "First Kiss" video?

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cool idea. :)

this just made my day :)

Seriously? The dudes? WTF?

I know, so sweet! Don't you agree?

Not really.. more like disgusting.

There's also two chicks kissing but that doesn't seem to bother you?
WTF yourself!

Didn't see that, just skimmed through.. Video shows the propaganda machine at work..

Noam Galai's picture

I didnt see you complain about the other 9 couples doing the same thing...
Welcome to 2014, we are not cavemen anymore.

If I truly have to explain it to you then you are hopeless. Ever read 'The Emperor has no clothes'? You've been punked by the largest social experiment in history, but you are too easily swayed to know any better.

I don't see how 'propaganda' made people accept homosexual relationships. I grew up in a religious country where homophobia is rife and was never subjected to any kind of 'propaganda'. Yet funnily enough, I find a relationship between two consenting adults, regardless of sexual preference, perfectly acceptable. It is nobody's business but their own. And anyone who thinks it is unnatural just has to look at the animal kingdom to see that homosexuality is featured in many species. Some primates even use it in their mating rituals to attract females of their species. Stop acting like you're so 'grown up' and 'educated' and do some actual research instead...and while you're at it I suggest taking a look at the propaganda you've been raised with.

Primates have also been documented killing and eating their own offspring. We are not animals..

Jared Monkman's picture

you're an idiot. There. Somebody said it.
No one cares about your ass backwards feelings about homosexuality.

Cannot formulate a good argument? Methinks the idiot is you..

Really don't see the harm in letting people be who they are and do what they want to do.

You are entitled to your opinion of course but man. I could not look at the world the way you do. It just doesn't work for me.

I happen to believe that they have the right to their lifestyle, though I find it morally repugnant. I do find it distasteful that the lifestyle of 2% of population is paraded around the media disproportionately. If you want to live your life that way, please do so.. no one is stopping you. But stop bullying those who do not accept your lifestyle, labeling them 'bigots' and 'haters'. It's a two way street, so if you cannot accept someone's religious or moral convictions, please do not expect any acceptance yourself.

So we should cancel any law, open the doors of prisons and hospices?

olivier borgognon's picture

Actually some indigenous tribes do the same thing, kill their own offsprings and eat their tribes members, they are called cannibal tribes.

Now to answer your question on consenting adults, Incest is once again a human point of view, which we might argue is right or wrong. Why was incest considered wrong ? because we were transferring identical or similar DNA to the next generation in case of birth from this relationship and it was proven that major genetic issues came out of it.

On a human point of view it is love, and as adults, people do what they see fit, like it or not, if they decide to not procreate, and not get married, they do what they want, and wether we like it or not.

Regarding the gay couples, male or female, obviously there is a whole lot of propaganda from both parts, the pro and the against, as being "normal", but what is the norm ? slim or fat, white or black, heterosexual or homosexual, faithful or unfaithful, single or in a relationship, landlord or tenant, freelancer or employee, ...

There is no right or wrong Fotique13, there is just our upbringing, our thoughts, our society, dogmas etc. Some of the examples above are choices, some others aren't, they are not diseases or discrepancies of our species, they are just what they are.

So it's ok to disagree, and on this topic, i totally agree to disagree with you and will share a link that you will appreciate at it's good value.

Now that this has been clarified, on a photographic and video point of view, what are your thoughts ?

You say 'there is no right or wrong'.. I disagree. If there is no right or wrong why do (most) people cave a conscience? Why does the vast majority of people feel that it is wrong to steal, lie, cheat, kill, covet? If there is no right or wrong then let us live in anarchy? Who needs laws, rules, the justice system? If right and wrong are relative, why is the Justice system wallow in the dark ages and not take up your enlightened idea? Perhaps, since everything is relative, we should do away with the justice system altogether? Why should laws discriminate against pedophiles who feel it is not wrong to molest children? Or imprison drug addicts for possession, since it is not wrong? The fact is, there IS right and wrong. Your whole premise is an utter joke.

olivier borgognon's picture

Interesting enough how you distort my and other peoples views to try and cover up for your ideals, by focusing on one word of a sentence instead of a whole discussion to then act with arrogance with your final remarks, in this case telling me my whole premise is an utter joke. I won't even come into your game as you're fleeing the topic every time to jump on something else, another bone to bite.

What are we touching which is so sensitive to you. Are we touching such a sensitive subject that your defence mechanisms are rising in such a strong manner ? So many questions you might consider asking yourself deep inside.

I believe people who are unable to discuss things in a calm way, and accept others points of view with little to no aggressivity have undisclosed issues to solve, and I can only wish you solve them privately.

Did you enjoy the link i sent you ? Great work.

Your remarks about 'there is no right or wrong' are at the crux of your argument, sir. I was not distorting anything.

Incest is a wrong example. A man is anatomically designed to couple with a woman. If its incest or not, it is another issue.

"There is no right or wrong"
Really? Then what make you think YOU are right with this? If so, we wouldn't have this argument.

"All love is equal"
No, it is not, if you are sane. Photos are nice, but weird. A nice photo can't make what is wrong right.

Agree, back to the video, the idea is just great and thats what probably make videos great about, its about people, story and huge emotions building in you afterwards

Also... it's fake. Like I said, liberal propaganda.

Consensus doesn't make a wrong thing right.
"Natural" doesn't mean only "which occurs in nature", it is also used with the sense of "normal". Not everything in nature is good and normal. Deviations and diseases occur in nature too. If we follow your logic we shouldn't punish a man who kills another, because it happen in nature too.

Do some actual thinking instead.

"we are not cavemen anymore"
Cavemen with Internet and cameras. Big improvement. Same way of thinking.

Noam, how does it feel getting punked by the propaganda machine? Caveman much? Ha!

Noam Galai's picture

Ha, yeah, crazy how they made me believe in the right of people do live their lives the way the want to...

Can I just ask how you didn't see the two women kissing when they were the first pairing to kiss in the video? I accept your religious views, I don't care that you do not like their "lifestyle". I'll have my views and you'll have yours. But to comment just to spread your hate? I just really think that was uncalled for. But you are allowed to speak freely, I can't take that right away from you. I'm just saying that, in my opinion, that was kind of low. But whatever. Live your life the way you want to live it. We are all entitled to our beliefs. So, even if I don't agree with you, I'm not going to try to change your mind.

I honestly didn't see it then, and still have not seen it.. I scrubbed through the video.. end of story.

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You mad brah?

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