'Two Devices Connected': A Great Example of Cinematography, Storytelling, and Editing In a Short Film

Telling a story is not easy. On the other hand, making short films is easy. There are lots of shorts on the Internet, but few of them manage to capture one's attention with visuals, audio, and plot. "Two Devices Connected" is a great example of combining those three together into a short film with an unexpected end.

If you watch it with your audio turned off, you will miss probably 70 percent of the effect and suspense it builds. Without the audio you won't be able to understand the plot, narrated by the car computer. This is a great example of how audio is as important as the visuals.

Speaking of visuals, they are also great. The combination of blue and orange makes it easy for the eyes to focus on the female subject. The dominant blue color complements the intensity of the action. A combination of very wide shots and extreme close-ups makes a great bond between the desolated environment and the emotions of the main character.

Most short films lack a good ending which is the reason why I'm very pessimistic about each one I'm watching. This one has an interesting plot twist that made me play it again. The writer and director of the short, Mark Mazur, grabbed my attention and I watched another brilliant short of his called "Latency," shown below.

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Tihomir Lazarov's picture

To me the only issue is that music is a tad louder.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

I'm keeping my volume low enough. It's not a room-wise loud, but editing-wise loud level. And I'm not young. I just look like that :) (thanks)

Tony Heimeier's picture

really nice!