The Ultimate Arm Shoots M.I.A.'s Born Free

Love it or find it overly offensive, rapper M.I.A.'s music video Born Free created a big stir on the internet last year when it was released. I personally thought it was a pretty good video considering what most artists release these days. Regardless of your view of the video, the cinematography is really awesome. In order to shoot the driving scenes, director Romain Gavras used the Ultimate Arm to create amazing jib style shots on the move. Check out this BTS on how the team filmed much of the film's final segment and scroll down to the second video to watch Born Free in it's entirety.

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Hah, is it me or does that not look stable at all? It looks like it is bouncing all over the place.

For as much as they hyped the arm and the suburban, it sure didn't produce a steady shot at all! lol Even the opening scene when they were driving over the bridge and hit a bump the whole thing went whack! lol Ok video. I think they were going for the shock factor more then anything else.

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I loved the music video... Anything that makes this kid more angry is OK by me:

lolol I love gingers!

I thought the video sucked.

I agree that it's extremely difficult to see the benefit of the extra expense of the Ultimate Arm, and from a dramatic perspective, the resulting video is, quite frankly, crap.

if you look at it closely towards the end where they say about "we didnt need to smooth it out" it works then and its balancing on the pivot pretty well ironing out the bumps.

So, Southwestern church going white boy had a hard time watching this video, and it just makes me laugh that some people take advantage of the rights we have here in the US.

Just had to say that....I agree with BH, the 10k or whatever to rent the arm was def. over priced for the quality of work done. + the gun shot to the kid and the exploding ginger was horribly done.

The emotion was still conveyed though so I guess it doesn't matter.

I found the trailer video on the ultimate arm website to be cooler .. including the music :D

That's a terrible video. There was nothing good about it. I love your website, but I feel posting this, esp. in light of recent events is completely tasteless.

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@A, Wait what? What recent events have anything to do with using an arm attached to a SUV to film a music video?

I think your website is amazing! I cant wait to get home to see what you have posted next! This is a great post, the best thing about you guys is you always mix it up! Thanks again for all of the time and hard work you put into this site!! Keep them coming guys!!

@Lee Gah lee do you not watch the news?! the ginger round ups in the US ring any bells? oh yeh it doesnt.. so what are the recent events @A ?

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I think he's commenting on the mass shooting in Arizona, but I don't see how this really has anything to do with that specific situation. The reality is pretty messed up things are happening around the world on a daily basis and I don't see how a music video posted today could be any more or less tasteless than it was a year's just a video.

Gotta do what you gotta do with gingers... lol joking. Anyway, Gavras seems to bring controversy with him. Take a look at the video he made with Justice for the song Stress. About the same scenario.

About the UA shakiness, I think that it's not a big problem. The video is about a field of landmines, you understand it's not gonna be smooth.

Great post. But the MUSIC/VIDEO is POINTLESS.

Yeah, referring to Arizona. No they aren't directly related, it's tasteless violence, at an especailly tasteless time... that's all. You have every right to post this video, I just think it's disgusting. I think posting this video today, yesterday, 5 years ago, or 10 years from now is tasteless. Which brings the question, if you think this is 'not that bad'... what the HECK are you watching?

It's not a matter of 'can you' because you can. It's a matter of 'should you'? Because, let's be honest, what good is there in posting this? I'm just talking from one business owner to the next. Not attacking anything you've done here, simply thought it was tasetless, and I'm likely not alone.

Anyway. I like fstoppers a lot. Keep up the great work you two!


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@A I understand why people don't like the MIA video but I watch movies and TV shows all the time where people are getting shot. The fact that they are rounding up red heads only is a bit of a joke to me. But keep in mind, the video we posted isn't the MIA video, it is a BTS video on the technology used to film it. I'm glad we have you as a reader and our goal isn't to offend.

Update: I just noticed Pat DID post the video. Sorry, I understand a bit more now.

I wasn't 'offended' so to speak, tho it (music vid) did make me cringe and 'shudder'. Just wanted to toss my 2 cents out there.

Yeah, lol, the arm video was pretty cool. That's a slick device! :) I've seen some pretty crappy movies too, tho I've never seen such a strange/gruesome music video. Then again, I don't watch alot of tv.

BTS videos are really informative and helpful, and I'm grateful that you guys have put this site together.