UPDATED: Filming a BMW Bike in 3D at 1000 fps

Ryan Mcmanus from Brothers Films and Stefan Weiss from Weisscam teamed up for an ingenious and complex shoot showing off the new BMW S1000 RR. What impressed me about this shoot was not only the incorporation of 1000 fps with a three dimensional element, but also the creativity in setting up the rig to film. I cant imagine the amount of work that had to go into post production for something like this. This is a great example of thorough planning and great execution.

Weissecam generously provided the link to the final 2D commercial below

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julio urquidi's picture

Where can we find the finished product?

Is there a link to the actual commercial?

David Strauss's picture

Do you have some 3D glasses handy? =). Unfortunately, because the final product was 3D, it wasn't posted with the BTS. 

Kishore's picture

please post the final video, people will have 3d glasses lying around.

You can watch the final commercial in 2D here: https://vimeo.com/42759750. The 3D version is coming to cinemas first...

James's picture

Lots of technical stuff going on in this production
but the final product looks amateurish and dull

I agree with James. Not impressed. 

Benedict Wilkins's picture

All that time, effort and money into recording the bike, then the final production looks like it's an animation! I don't think that heavy CG does it any favors. I think the idea of recording at 1000 fps is to represent something to people that is real yet we can not see with our own eyes. Taking that exciting, interesting and new view point of something we see every day and representing it in an environment we know to be fantasy takes all that fascination away. At least for me anyway.

I cant wait until "Add a dubstep track  that sounds like Skrillex made it  to everything"  with average advertising concepts fad goes away.

Really don't like the amount of post going on here. I'd much prefer to see the bike on a road.

Gotta be honest, it doesn't really appeal to me.  I love a lot of the cinematography of the bike, but the fake 'Tron' trails and all of the overdone 3D environment just make if feel cheap.  That sort of pseudo-futuristic, game-like environment just makes the bike seem underwhelming.

But that bike is an amazing machine.  If they'd have just done some awesome shots if it in some beautiful, real locations, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

Jacques's picture

The artistic element of this finished product does not produce, at least not to me.  After all the time and efforst they spent on making this, I'm left wondering with the question: 'what for?'

Is there anyone who does like the final effect?