Very Cool Special Effect: Fire Tornado

Here is a rad way to spruce up the background of almost any photo or video shoot. Whoever Unallocated Space is (cant find anything on who or what that is) has created an amazing tornado of fire by using a bunch of box fans and a tub filled with fire. This video demonstrates how you can easily create a beautiful and deadly looking whirlpool of fire in your own backyard. Disclaimer: Fstoppers did not tell you to try this. If you try this, it was at your own risk. Enjoy!

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That's absurdly cool.  If I could acquire that many fans, I would definitely try this.

That would be one interesting BBQ!

This has fired my imagination and I have a burning desire to try it...

I think I've seen something like this before where they turned the base to achieve a similar effect.

It's simple (yet powerfully effective) creative thinking and tinkering like this that led to the now-standard effect like Matrix's "bullet time". 

Vision and ideas forever impress.

For those with hacker blood running in the veins, I can see individual pitch/yaw/speed controls on each fan.   This could be an interesting project where you could make the flames do some interesting stuff.

I want to see this at 1000fps....

Super cool. I only wish there were photos with more fire detail. Or 1000fps. :)

It's a fire gustnado.

"...created an amazing tornado of fire by using a bunch of box fans and a tub filled with fire"
How exactly does one "fill" a tub with fire?

I see you have several fans...

Hahaha, really cool video.  
Thanks for sharing.

UnallocatedSpace is a hackerspace/makerspace near Baltimore, MD. I created the fire tornado as a showpiece for their 1st anniversary party. Details on the build can be found at Disclaimer: UAS and I assume no liability if you attempt to recreate the rig - please use all due care and caution, and we did have firefighters and other safety protocols in place for the burn.