[Video] Burned Out On Photography? This Will Make You Smile

I feel like everyone gets burned out on photography, or anything that they do for that matter, after a certain period of time and you just need something to pick you back up, this very cute video might just do that.

Check out more from director Nick Scott HERE.







From Nick:

Hey guys, I’m brand new to the FStoppers team and I’d love to hear from you, stop by my Facebook page or check out my website, www.CharlestonsWeddingPhotograper.com

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Nicholas's picture

Hilarious! Loved the video.

Funny how this guy physically looks like Chase Jarvis. Fortunately, Chase is a much nicer and funnier guy.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Absolutely Lovely!!!

Ghislain Leduc's picture

hehehhe very cute!!!

Added a smile to my face tonight!

awesome video lol! cheers

Great video, made my day

My eyes are watering...

seen that one about a year ago or so... priceless, thanks for sharing that again :), brilliant. 

James's picture

awesome !