Add an Orbiting Hyperlapse to Your Videos

You can make it look like two people are sitting with their backs to opposite sides of the same wall. It allows you to transport your audience to a different place in a fun way. This video from Mango Street shows how they did it and shares a tutorial on how you can too. 

They show two different ways of doing it, the one with a lot of calculations and the other, which is more an approach of shooting on the go. Both work, but I do think doing the math that Daniel Inskeep describes, and understanding why they did it, is part of learning new skills. It’s also good if you’re growing as a videographer and move into more of a director’s role where you have to show others how to do it too.

What I think needs to be added to the video would be to say it’ll be best if both the subjects are shot on the same day to make sure the light is similar. Also, for each of the scenes, the camera should be set to Manual Exposure mode and not Aperture Priority mode to make sure every photo is using the same exposure throughout. This is to make sure that every frame blends with the other 23 frames of every second. If the exposures are decided by the camera automatically, every frame can be differently exposed and it will cause a visible flicker when you take it into Premiere Pro to make the video. 

I think it’s a creative element to add to your videos and will showcase your creative know-how too.

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Tom D's picture

Can't say I really saw the final product in this video.

David Hill's picture

Why make all this effort? You can use an app for this. Shot on an iPhone 7 plus or above, you wouldn't notice in the grand scheme.