[Video] Etnies' Aimless - Behind the Scenes

"Public Domaine" was the name of a skateboarding themed art exhibition that took place at The Gaîté Art Museum in Paris last summer. To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, shoemaker Etnies commissioned award-winning skateboard filmmaker Mike Manzoori to create a unique piece of video art for the exhibit. And unique is exactly what he provided with a bizarrely super wide angle aspect ratio film that was projected on the walls of the exhibit. He also used some very interesting tools to achieve this look, including the RED One, Custom rigs for holding 3x DSLRs, and a spinning 360 GoPro Rig.

The piece really immerses you into what skating in a group of other skateboarders might actually feel like with a super wide-screen look, 360 degree panoramic shots and plenty of shots with multiple POVs in the same frame. A interesting little piece of skateboard art.

    Behind the Scenes

    The Final Video

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If I wanted to watch it on 170 x 80 I would have used my cell phone... The frame put me off

or you could... I dunno, full frame it?

Great take on how to film skating or any sport really

They had a space to fit it in...   Of course they're going to make it to fit that space...

this totally reminded me of those old bones brigade videos.
i'm going to dig up my old tony hawk...

Sweet idea.  well done and I LOVE IT...

This is what "Skate Videos" should be. Very well done.