[Video] Indoor Fireworks and Other Insane Acts at 2500fps

“Dumt & Farligt” is a Danish TV show were two guys are given free license to do what ever dangerous thing that comes to mind, in and around the home. But the best part is they they document it all with a Phantom Flex capturing every ludicrous detail at 2,500fps. See what happens when a lighter next to a candle is shot, a waterbed is filled until it pops, fireworks are set off in a living room, a bottle of red wine is microwaved and more.

via [PetaPixel]

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Nyaj Timautes Yaaj's picture

hahah love the rocket dryer, and the candle and flour

Sean Shimmel's picture

Hmmm... I'm all for goofing around and experimenting, but this kind of trivializes the wonder of the Holi Festival video and makes the Phantom Flex start to look kind of ho hum.

Alain Tougas's picture

In movies, sometimes, it's "what you don't see" that makes the movie (Alien). In that sense, I would call this movie "fire extinguisher".

Alain Tougas's picture

Well, I can cross out ten things from the long list of "things I want to try out".
Big time saver.