[Video] Nikon D800 BTS Studio Shoot

It's been an exciting day in the Nikon camp as videos, images, specs and preorders have been unfolding for the D800. The images from this shoot are available to view in full resolution here. Also, here are some more examples of the D800's key features and 100% crops showing the difference between the standard D800 and the D800E. Enjoy!

Full blog post from the video shoot by Rob Van Petten.

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Patrick Hall's picture

This video is worth its weight in gold not for the D800 at all but for what makes a great fashion image!

how bout the hissing bobcat?! nice touch

I believe that was a serval. But still cool.

How bout the hissing serval?

How many of you will be ordering the 800E?


Amos Terry's picture

Mark is on the money. It's a Serval.

D800 seems like a great camera, but is it me? or do they need better images to sell what this camera can do? Some of the sample images are not impressive at all. Specs aside (and I hope this will come in time), give us better eye candy .. and please stop with the MF comparisons. Nothing I've seen so far can remotely come close to the depth/detail/dynamic range of MF.

hey thats my instructor!

Javi's picture

Dont mean to be a 
party popper, but with all that great light I dont see anything on those images that make them go BOOM! seems like we could accomplish the same with a D700

Jacques's picture

 I feel the same Javi.  Especially having so many assistants with him. Discounting the building of a set and keeping that 'serval' calm and make-up, I could do those shots alone and as you say, with a D700.

I suppose having such a production is part of the marketing and selling process, otherwise companies would shoot you down if you are a 'one-man-show'.

Not a high end professional here, but I believe a large part of being a top professional is the ability to deliver every time.
That means, you better be safe than sorry, hence all the extras to make sure the job is done.

Ken Yee's picture

Beauty/makeup shots need the 36MP images???  What are they being used for?  And do you really need to see that much pore detail?  For the typical ads you see in stores, 16MP is plenty IMHO.  I don't see ads being blown up to a 6' wall.  And then you'd have to retouch them to clean up all the peach fuzz and skin issues you'd see w/ that much detail if you want to print them that large...

Ken, it happens many times that you have to crop very much in this business. An AD can choose a full body picture and ask for a crop from waist to top.

@Ken, that's just technical improvement,.. things devellop,... And like nicolas "it just might come in handy" 
I used to shoot with the D700, but one of my custumers demanded 20mp or more res,... I tried to explain to him that that was not realy what he needed for his purpose,.. But guess what he said,... Well, i don't need it now, but i might just need it later on when I want to have a detail from one of these photo's or when I want to print it realy big.
This unfortunaly was last summer, and since the D800 kept getting delayed, i was sort of forced to make "the" switch,... I sold the D700 and baught the 5D II,.... Biggest mistake i ever made ! I had no clue of how much i was used to the Nikon buttens and menu's when i ditched the D700,... Well let me say it like this,.... I can't wait for the D800 to hit the stores ;)