Nikon Announces D7100, Pre-Order Now!

Nikon Announces D7100, Pre-Order Now!

Tonight, Nikon announced the much-anticipated D7100, the D7000 replacement. The new camera merges aspects of the D7000 and D300 in this updated body that's similar to the D600 in build. In a nutshell: 24MP, 6fps, no AA filter, professional-level AF performance -- all for $1,199.

Pre-order the Nikon D7100 body at B&H for $1,199.00
Or, get the body and 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR DX lens kit for $1,599.00.

The camera should ship March 21st.

Full Specs:

- $1,199 body only, $1,599 kit
- 24MP CMOS APS-C (DX) sensor
- No AA filter
- 6fps
- 100-6400 ISO (expandable to 25,600)
- Max 1/8000 shutter speed
- Expeed 3 processor
- 51-point AF, 15 cross-type (quite impressive for this little guy)
- Dual SD card slots
- 3.2" monitor
- Built-in HDR function
- Same-as-before 1080p 24/25/30p, 60p at 720p
- Magnesium-alloy body, moisture resistant

You can get more information from NikonUSA here.

Nikon has also announced the WR-1 wireless radio transceiver that lets the photographer control the D7100 from another WR-1 unit, much like a Profoto Air system with a screen for your DSLR, if that makes sense. These can even be strung together in a system across multiple cameras. It'll be interesting to know what other cameras will be compatible with this new transceiver... Pricing for the WR-1 or the new battery grip that will be available have not yet been announced.

What's most interesting here is the lack of an anti-aliasing filter, as Nikon did with the D800E. It seems, here, that there is no option to include it (and therefore no option to charge more for its removal). What does this mean? While some images might exhibit more moiré, they will all be quite a bit sharper, providing a higher resolution image. I'm all for this, really, and think it's great Nikon is taking advantage of it.

The price isn't bad, either. Did Nikon totally score with this one? It seems to me you can't beat this for the price. What do you think?

nikon d7100

nikon d7100 4

nikon d7100 3

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I wanna see some sample shots!!

What about its max shutter speed? This is sounding more like the "DX Champ" we've been waiting for!

Adam's picture

1/8000!!!!! Updating the post now...

Well the value of my D300s just tanked! 

R J's picture

The one thing that brings this camera down, is its very limited RAW buffer :-/

Josh Hotz's picture

I wonder if with a grip you'd be able to shoot at 8fps. If not, that would be my deal breaker for this guy.

D600 body... that's a fail for me, personally speaking. Too small for my hands and is uncomfortable. Wish it had the same style body as my D300. That would make it an replacement for sure. 

+1. Same here, D7000 is too small and too "tight" for my hands, that's why I've bought D300s (week earlier, D7000 was announced). It was too tight. And I'd love to get crop camera with 10pin and PC-sync ports.

Matt Erickson's picture

I think I have to return the D7000 I just bought...

I think I'm missing the boat here. These are all the same specs as the cheaper D7000 except:
1) more megapixels (and Expeed3 to handle them)
2) more autofocus points (39 vs 51) which only matters if they're spaced out across the viewfinder
3) no AA.
Same ISO, same shutter speed, same FPS, same same same. But more money.

The big one on the AF, is that this camera shares the same AF system found in the D4 and D800

Also new video features as clean (uncompressed ) hdmi  output

Nick Viton's picture

It still doesn't have on the fly aperture control in live view and movie mode.  Le sigh.

R J's picture

The advantage of the 51-point AF compared to the 39-point, isn't just the additional focus points. The 51-point system is faster and better in low light situations.

Can anyone explain any real reasons why someone would upgrade from the D7000?

Much better autofocus.
Higher resolution.
Better sharpness. 
Newer, faster, internal computer.
Likely better color depth. (yet to be seen)
Likely better low light performance. (yet to be seen).

Bao's picture

Nope don't upgrade if you have a D7000...get a D600 instead. 

Jesse Greaves's picture

"Same-as-before 1080p 24/25/30p, 60p at 720p"
That, is not the same as before. It's actually quite a big step. The D7000 has been missing 30fps & 60fps since launch.
And I'm quite impressed by this D7100.

At kit price you might as well pick up a refurbished D600.  I have a d7000 too but wouldn't upgrade for this.  I'd upgrade to full frame which I did.  If you have a low end dslr then this is a great camera to upgrade to!!!!

Ani Trone's picture

removed comment

When will Canon or Nikon finally put 1080p 60fps in a camera! It's seems embarrassing that the point and shoot cameras and even a $400< GoPro can outperform them on frame rate at a fraction of the cost. Seriously! 

That said, as a Nikon shooter gone Canon ( I switched when the original 5d was out and Nikon kept advertising that you DO NOT need full frame and they had no intention of going full frame), I've been really impressed with Nikon's cameras and it seems they're bringing the heat!
Hopefully Canon's will start copying this quality in their 60d lineup. Time will tell!


Except a gopro is using H.264 compression at something like 4:0:0 where as the Canons and Nikons are most likely 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 which is still much less compression and higher quality allowing more creative freedom in post. 

I don't think this is an upgrade for D7000 owners but more for someone like me with a D90. I would love to get a D600 but unless I am going to get good FX lenses what is the point of getting the D600 just to put DX lenses on it. So the question is upgrade my D90 to D7100 or to a D600. I do like the price of the D7100 and hope by later in the year it will drop to $1000.

jazz's picture

will stick to my D7k.. 

Bao's picture

Me upgrade will be the D600x

Bogdane!'s picture

Great update for Nikon D7000!

The main thing everybody in comments seems to be missing is the fact, that the autofocus is not only better by means of numer of AF points. The fact is that this camera has entirely different AF mechanism, allegedly the same as D4. The old AF system in D7000 was much worse than the one inside D300, and has caused many problems, such as ocasional backfocusing and poor focus ability in low light.

One other thing that bothers me on my D7000 is the mode selection knob, which has no locking mechanism, so sometimes when you take it out of the bag, its turned to random setting.

The price is awsom in my oppinion.

Thank you for pointing this out to everyone.  It's not just about the number of AF points.  The AF system upgrade alone make the D600 seem like a strange camera.  If you want the best DX camera possible the D7100 is where it is at. 

next question will be, does Sony make the sensor? 

Spy Black's picture

It might be the same Toshiba sensor in the D5200, sans AA filter. This Toshiba sensor is getting good reviews, BTW

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