[Video] Peter Jackson Explains How He Films The Hobbit In 3D

I'm not sure I believe that 3D is the way of the future but the current technology behind it does fascinate me. Check out the video below in which Peter Jackson takes us behind the scenes of his much anticipated film The Hobbit. In this video Peter and his team explain how they use 2 Red Epics to produce the most realistic type of 3D footage available today. How many of you guys actually own a 3D TV? Maybe we all will one day but at this point, I don't know a single person with one.

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Wayne Leone's picture

I know 1 guy that has a 3D tv but he said the novelty wore off pretty quickly. Plus, having to wear goggles everytime you wanted to watch something was a pain.


Wake me up when this 3d madness has passed.

3D TV a gimmick. Cinema; No it's here to stay, and we're going to see alot more of it! Peter is currently out on location, word is filming on two sets simultaneously! The Hobbiton set is going to stay after the filming for tourists to visit

I'm not sure one can be a gimmick and not the other but only time will tell

Eric C. Gould's picture

Boys did you see those toys - 48 Red Epics and so much more.... How much would you pay to work as an assistant on that set.  

All I can say is WOW. I'm looking forward to this movie.

Jesus christ, that is gonna be legendary!

That's why there's no reds available on the market! Peter Jackson has them all.

Hahaha yeah thats gotta be it. ;)

If the film lives up to the 3d concept art it will be truly epic. I've not seen 3d that dynamic ever. Those artists are truly amazing.