[Video] Sushi Roll Goes To Space

Ok, I wasn't really sure whether to label this [Video] or [Funny], because I laughed through the entire thing. Is this the future of small business advertising? First Toshiba puts a chair in space, then sushi makers put their rolls up there. What's next, dog breeders? How far will this go? To be honest though, I am impressed with the planning and preparation that they took in making the video. So to that I say "Kudos, Sticky Rice", and good job to the makers, RVA TV. Enjoy!

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Wayne Leone's picture

It's a good ad for the camera if you ask me. Not sure I want to eat rice that sticky. :)

be funny if that roll got sucked up by a jet engine

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

You know a dog couldn't go up that high.... 

j.j.'s picture

but little star wars figurines, oh snap i let that get out...

I've seen that but with an iphone