[Video] Timelapse with Real Time

At first I thought this was just another time lapse video with a few skating shots mixed in. Then I realized the shots really were mixed. Although the combination isn't present in every shot it's a pretty cool effect to watch. Anyone want to guess how he did it?

If you want to take a peek at a little more of Russell Houghten's work, check out is blog


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My guess on how he did it is a lot of masking. It's pretty simple, but very time consuming. 

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Very interesting

Roto brush with an automated dolly/pan tilt. 

Mario Ermitikos Spiroglou I's picture

sky replacement of course, the videocopilot style. pretty impressive work!

Tons of rotoscoping!

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He's got a motorized slider that pans/tilts. You film the timelapse first and that's your background plate, then you film the skater boi doing his trick using the same exact calculated path from the timelapse move. Just garbage mask around the skater or the sky.

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I don't know, it just seems pretty random to me. Good don't get me wrong, but really random...  :-)

Not that random for the skate culture, check out any video by Transworld Skateboarding, the skate videos often incorporate timelapse into the videos, as a means of showing some of the lifestyle, this guy just took it a bit farther by masking it into the background of shots and cutting it with the night time star shots. 

I hate to say it but isn't it obvious? The timelapse footage symbolizes their constant skating, they do it all day and all night as it is their life. It's a great choice.

I think they are just 

Awesome! Really good work! And great skating! ;)


I would have liked to see him give credit to those skaters, the feeble frontboard and the back noseblunt to the bank was sick. 

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Most skaters will already know who they are, and most nonskaters wouldn't care.

Well, I'm a skater and I don't know who they are. It's fairly common practice in the skate culture to post the name of the skater to either A: give him credit or B: help him get exposure if he's not yet pro.

there is credit in the full length video this was taken from.  It's called The Cinematographers Project from Transworld Skateboarding.

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Technical wizardry always amazes me.

 Yea...or this one: https://vimeo.com/13331718

That too, is awesome.

 Awesome stuff!!

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film the time lapses on a tripod, then shoot the skating from the same angle with clear blue skies (if the skating shot is moving, try to keep it close but in the end it shouldn't look too off) then chroma key the sky (or whatever you can that makes sense) and pretty much replace the sky with your time lapsed shot. crop if needed. not time consuming. not hard. just takes alot of filming and for the moving time lapses he could've had a dolly or whatever but he could've also just key framed the shot. with HD footage and exporting it in 720 the key framing wouldn't have messed with the quality.

Sky replacement (look at the two shots in the brown quarter pipe - one with the replaced/timelapsed sky, one with the blown out sky at 1:25) and roto work on the others. All of the mixed shots are locked off on a tripod and then "pan and scanned" digitally. Overall its a really easy thing to do just a bit time consuming (for the roto work). Well done.