[Video] This Video Was Created Entirely In Photoshop! (Yes, Video)

The Photoshop team rolled out a video which showcases some of the direction which Adobe intends to go in the future. It was shot and then edited entirely in a future version of Photoshop. Though the video itself is pretty standard, it's a glimpse of what's to come. Do you believe that Adobe should keep video editing separate from Photoshop? We want to hear your thoughts. 

Per the Photoshop team:

 “Get a glimpse of what the Photoshop team has been working on, when it comes to video and Photoshop. You won't believe what you can do when you unite the power of Photoshop with easy and approachable video editing tools!"

We've all noticed the inclusion of many 3D tools that Photoshop has started to include. Now with their intention of bundling video editing into Photoshop, do you think this is the right way to go? Or do you believe that Photoshop should be a standalone photo editing/retouching software while other Adobe programs deal with video strictly?

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From Pratik:

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I think this is a smart move for them. I really would like to be able to just know 1 program and not have to deal with 2-4 other programs just for 1 video. Also, how awesome would it be to have the same post processing power we now have for pics, in video. This is cool. 

If they do it right, this is awesome! But I can just see another complicated video processing software mixed into a software product that already has so many features, few even know about all of them... If it really is an "approachable video editing [tool]," then we might be on to something (we, being Adobe, I suppose).

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No disrespect, but I'm pretty sure this was shot with some kind of a camera and edited in PS, not shot and edited in PS.

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Agreed. The wordings are the same with other blogs that have been posting this, and it's been bugging me ever since.

After Effects is pretty much Photoshop for video, but the blending of the two programs is a pretty cool idea.

They should have spent a little more time retouching the model...

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I don't mind Premiere, but I'd definitely be down if Adobe made it more Photoshop-like in terms of how you approach the editing.  Maybe this'll be it!

custom workspaces–
Adobe has already laid a good foundation to include video, 3D, and 2D images in one program without looking cluttered, confusing or bloated. They give the option of jumping between customized workspaces.  
For example, when editing images, I ONLY see the palettes I need at that stage, position them on the screen where I want, all relating to what I'm doing and how I work.  When jumping to the video editing, I can switch to another custom workspace, then back.  But all having that familiar feel of PS and access to all the PS benefits.

I think this is a good idea, even better if Adobe should consider to release a  version of their software of PS, After Effects etc,  for Linux OS too. 

Looks like it can cut, fade, key, pip and filter... and presumably mix audio. What more could you ask for?

I can already do that in the given version of Photoshop and export to video, the only drawback is no audio timeline, unless one is doing a slideshow. Also, Photoshop doesn't seem to like video at 4k or larger, i.e. original size timelapse, of which I would use after effects. But I have been thinking how cool it would be to have the same layout and user-bility as PS. Can't wait to see what they create. 

I think Photoshop should be PHOTOshop, but not VIDEOshop or ALLINONEshop. I don't like huge programs overloaded with extra fitures I don't need. May be some minor video fitures will be good. But the good professional video editing tool should remain the separate program.

I do not see the use for that. I am a designer, I use all the Adobe products and many more. I do not think that Photoshop is meant to do that. It is a good marketing idea, because, if you want to process only photos, you would pay for a all in one that is more expensive product than a photo editing program. I do not think that "purpose software" should be for everybody. It is like the last version of Final Cut. It looks like a better iMovie. All in one is for home usage, for social networking. Professionals use "purpose software" for everything. In my work, I use for a finished product 5 different software and i do not mind because they do the job right. I did not see a allinone that does everything right.

This will probably be great for photographers doing a bit of dslr video like weddings but Adobe would be really dumb to completely replace AE and Premiere.

Two things struck me when I watched this....

ONE:  "That model has a strange shaped face"


TWO: "Ohhhh, that's what happened to Drew Barrymore's slightly less attractive sister."