Vincent Laforet's Latest Video Shot On The New Canon C300

Out of the blue Canon just jumped into the movie business. Hours ago Canon just announced the new C300 video camera and minutes ago Vincent Laforet released "Movius" his newest short, shot on this unreleased camera. Patrick and I have been trying to get in contact with Vincent over the last few weeks (for a reason you will soon know) and I now understand why he was so "busy". Check out the short below and the BTSV below that.

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My jaw dropped when he threw that lens on the ground! Awesome footage, Nikon, your move!

great job Vincent! karaoke soon?

I was hoping  there was a disclaimer.... no camera equipment was harmed in the making of this movie.  LOL  Cringed and the lens drop and the camera body dragging around.  All in all... a great short movie.

I watched it twice, wondering if the ending would change :D haxx

Jens Marklund's picture

He doesn't seem that stoked on the new camera if you watch the interview. 

Then again. The Scalett/Epic seems more worth the money.

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i would still like to know where the Canon lens that fell from the sky into a house came from....

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Film quality looks fantastic; film itself was lame... yet another time travel / loop film... maybe I've just seen too many lately.

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Hmmm... what is it about the quality that makes this sample something special to examine? 

After a while the quality in these sample videos all seem plenty good enough already and anything more is just invisible minutia for the techies.

Canon should have given this kit to a 'top of the class' aspiring amateur to see how creative he/she could be with the camera.  Instead we get another Vincent Laforet cover..  Boring as bat shit and another missed opportunity for Canon to shine.

Why is everybody so negative? This stuff is awesome!!

Greetings a Nikon fanboy!

this reminded me of the show "Breaking Bad" xD awesome awesome awesome

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La Jetée anyone?