Watch Chase Jarvis Crash a DJI Phantom into the Icelandic Sea

If you have been following Fstoppers this year, you probably know that Lee Morris tested the DJI Phantom out in Charleston and crashed it into a marsh. The Phantom is really awesome, but comes with some risks. Chase Jarvis wasn't satisfied with the quality of GoPro footage on his Phantom and tried attaching a Sony RX100 II to it instead. Does it work? No. No it does not.

[Via Gizmodo]

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I guess it's easier to take "risks" when all you're doing is risking the insurance company's money.

I guess that's what insurance is for, isn't it? Why else would you have one?

My car is insured too but I'm not going to drive into a tree because it's cool.

What an idiot.

David Apeji's picture

Why test range over the ocean? That part I don't get.

He has exceeded his luggage allowance and wants to lighten some load....

WiFi interference causes fly aways with the DJI Phantom. You are not supposed to use wifi while flying unless its a Phantom 2 or Phantom Vision :)

Wasteful! Completely unnessesary. I just never got this guy like everyone else seems to.

Trying to get more page views?

Anyway it has been professionally done at least 2 years ago! Watch the 30th second in the Iceland Promotional clip!

Btw, its really a beautiful place! But take only pictures and leave behind only footprints!

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that's not necessarily an aerial/drone shot... could have been done with a boom

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That was shot with a boat. Source: I've been on that boat.

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Ah, I hate watching this and being reminded I should have been on this trip!

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Ya blew it!

Take only pictures. Leave only plastic and nickel-cadmium batteries.

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Ah man, yeah this is bad. Proper gimbal and baseline understanding of the tech would have solved this instantly. I think you guys would like my drone movie! I promise I know how to fly it and don't use gaffer tape to affix my camera to the device : |

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Man, I have to believe SF would never let you fly this now right? The FAA has come down on these RC helicopters, but that footage is awesome.

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Was a week or two ago :D

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So basically what you're saying is you didn't get a permit, so this video was made illegally.

those are the best kind

Oh the horror...

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No it was made legally

I have not come across a bigger narcissist in the online photography world than this hipster. I'm surprised he didn't shoot this footage in black and white while wearing sunglasses with his bearded yes-man cheering him on. Wait, he WAS wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day. I guess he's going to have to find another way to seek attention. Hey, maybe you can mail your dirty shoes around again.

"Wait, he WAS wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day."

Have you ever been out there? White snow and ice can make you fully blind.

Well, not really blind... but yes, refraction is pretty harsh.

it´s called REFLECTION.....

Since he shoots a lot of his videos in black and white, you'd think he'd be used to it by now.

damn right.

another boring video thats made on purpose just to get some clicks...
no easier way then acting like an idiot to get a few youtube clicks.
boring and lame.....

Another cynical comment, whining, that adds nothing to the conversation when you could have just went on to the next one. Boring and lame.

So you got a crush on Chase or something? Seem to be taking this a little too personally.

Wow, someone hates this guy for no reason other than him being great at what he does. Why watch?

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