Watch Sony's Impressive Official Test Reel from the New a7S

Sony's newly announced a7S is shaping up to be a video behemoth. Yes, this video really impressed me. With its light weight and quality sensor, if they hit the right price point Sony could have the camera I would be tempted to leave Canon for. "Features newly developed, wide dynamic range sensor with awe-inspiring sensitivity. Joining the acclaimed α7 and α7R family of the world's smallest full-frame interchangeable lens cameras, Sony's new α7S model puts extraordinary sensitivity, low noise and spectacular 4K video quality into the hands of professional photographers and videographers."

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Emil Nyström's picture

Sony is starting to make so much sens. Cant wait for the MF announcement.

Interesting to see how many of the lenses used in the video are FE lenses. And of those few FE lenses, some are not available yet.

All are available. In the video, you have, the 35mm and the two f4 zooms. You can find all in amazon. Acording to sonyalpharumors "Price will be announced later and release in “Summer”. Some other sites said price should be $1,699. But take this with a huge grain of salt!"

Look again. There are only two FE lenses in use:

Sony SEL35F28Z Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA, which is available today and then the Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OIS:

Note the text "Available for Preorder"

I did, I'm from Europe. You should specify your country/region on the first comment, US isn't the world you know.... The lenses are available, just not in the US it seems. Although B&H said they would. In Spain it's even cheaper. The 35 is available since launch.... and the 55mm and the two standard zooms are also in stores since January....

Fine. I am from Germany and does not list that lense at all. Looks like you guys in Spain are ahead ;-)

Nevertheless: My point is that Sony throws out more bodies before having a decent selection of FE lenses available. Where is a macro, where is an UWA, where is a zoom lense with a constant aperture of f/2.8? Where are the fast primes?

Did Fuji or any brand with a 6 months system had it before Carsten? Or is it just personal frustration for loving this new amazing system and wanting to mature fast. ;) You know, despite being german you can order it from spanish amazon, don't you? I'm from Portugal and order from uk, it, fr, de, es and even U.S. For a system this young I am amazed to see 5 native lenses and so many compatible ones. You want fast primes? Just buy an adapter and go Alpha, you can find a 135mm AF f 1.8 with full AF support using one of those LA adapters. I have some unique fast primes on mine, voigtlander 35mm f 1.2 II along with some beautiful Zeiss ZM and Leica's. Instead of complaining i'm shooting events and weddings with them. It's young give it time, they already said fast primes are coming...

By the end of the year there should be a UWA f/4, 85mm f/1.8, 100mm 2.8 macro, and one other. They won't be making f/2.8 zooms because that is not what they are aiming for. You want an f/2.8 zoom, buy the LEA4 adapter and use the Zeiss 24-70 A-Mount.

Liam O'Prey's picture

Yes, shots in official video look amazing although suspicious of them all being static. Rolling shutter issues maybe? Hope not.

exactly what i was thinking. despite that the video ends with the words 'be moved', there isn't a single shot with camera motion

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So they've released a camera that specifically touts it's sensitivity and low light ability -- yet in the nearly 3 minute demo video, they have roughly 15 seconds of video shot under those conditions (over ISO 1600)? What gives Sony? Are you hiding something -- or did your marketing department and videographer just forget the point of this camera?

I thought that was sort of fishy as well, but the video opens up with shots at early morning/dusk...using f9 and iso800. My 5dmkii would go down in flames with noise in the shadows trying to do that. So that was impressive. and the shadows had amazing clarity and low noise throughout the video. Still, you make a good point, but perhaps they wanted to save the best for last, considering the music did pick up at that point.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I also agree with this sentiment. I want to see max ISO in the dark. I don't care if it has some noise, that's expected. Just want to see how much noise.

David Liang's picture

If you couldn't get an opinion in the 10 seconds of continuous footage where the ISO was between 12800 and 5000, then nothing will impress you short of using it yourself. In which case your criticism should be held until such point, because bitching about an issue of which you are the problem is plain stupid. Especially when it only leads you to knowingly ask rhetorical questions. Learn anything? Get any answers? Nope. I wonder why...

Matt Rennells's picture

I think the "problem" here -- moreso than me -- was the split of the video. While those 10 seconds of footage were impressive, why show 2 minutes of it under "normal" conditions at ISO 400-800? To me this is like putting out sample shots of their A7r (or D800) in all of it's 36MP detail craziness -- but shot with a Barbara Walters style soft focus lens.

I'm not speaking to the quality of the camera at all -- but to the way in which they choose to present it to the public. Look at the other comments above about moving camera issues, this camera may be outstanding, but they missed the mark in their marketing department.

Sony Looks VERY good indeed!

That dynamic range though.... 0_0

Really impressive. The camera manufacturing industry is on fire right now, especially Sony, Fuji, Zeiss and Sigma. I just wish the photography industry was equally blazing.

Watching it in 4K is amazing! The detail and dynamic range just blows my mind along with the insanely great high ISO noise performance. If only this had 16MP then I would forsure buy it, but since I'm not a videographer I'll have to pass.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Then get the a7 or a7R if you're only interested in photo quality.

I'd like to have the high-ISO noise performance associated with the a7s.

Want to see more look at this video