The Wednesday Rundown 11.30.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have some more of the entries from the 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest. We are in the final stretch for this contest and if you are still working on your video you need to finish it soon. Don't forget who we have as the judges this year, if the prizes are not enough the judges should make this contest worth your time. Check out the contest entry "Sand Storm" and see how this team creates a high fashion desert shoot inside. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Sand storm:

A high fashion sand storm shoot. A very cool and very informative video. This video does a great job describing the lighting, props, and method to get their photo. Amazing dress that was created from trash bags. Watch this video!Forum Link

Baseball Glamour Shoot:

This shoot includes a seductive model dressed as a baseball player, she has some sick cleats. This video has some amazing video shots, the photographer uses a zipline to get some very nice overhead shots of his shoot. Check out the final image at the end of the video. Forum Link

Star Shooting:

Ali from Saudia Arabia takes us out into the dark desert for a star shoot. He uses a process called star stacking, this creates one image from all the images you take in your shoot. See his write up at the end of the video to get more information on this.Forum Link

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Great videos. Issue with the Baseball one at 3:16 it stops... and we can't see the rest. does it do the same on your side ?

Baseball shoot worked fine for me, and in regard to those photos, i thought the wide shot was a billion times better than the original plan/final image.

Marius Manastireanu's picture

no matter how much of a metal fan are you.. it's a wrong track for this kind of video tho.. :))

David Lara's picture

I agree, the wide shot was by far the better shot shown. 

Sean Shimmel's picture

I admire the innovative creativity in the desert sand video.

David Lara's picture

Agree....wish they would have shown more final images.

haha for a sec there i thought you meant the star trails because it was in the desert/sand and was..... "innovative" :D

Sean Shimmel's picture

Verbal "synchronicty," eh?  :)

But going back to the video I was referring to, I am at a photographic stage of life where the chutzpah of innovation intrigues and impresses me far more than expensive and complicated solutions.

To those who made it, keep up the daring spirit that tries out plastic bags from the Dollar store and sprinkles sand on a fans to create your very own Sahara.

Less is sometimes more with lighting.  His female model was kind of annoying and he would have got better shots with someone that wasn't goofy acting. I'm sure she is nice but you can watch scenes where he is framing the shot and she keeps wiggling around and not focusing. He is stuck waiting on the shot while the guy in the catcher's outfit is just waiting also.

I don't know what his power was set at with the para but its over powering his edge lighting and you can hardly see it.  Joel Grimes documents how to effectively pull off this type of lighting.    

Joshua Maurer's picture

I don't like that your taking the wednesday run down and only using BTS from the forums :S We look there anyway! Make a weekly BTS contest rundown or something

Patrick Hall's picture

Well not everyone checks out the forums and they need love too!  The contest is only 4 weeks away and many of them will be making the front page towards the end.  Don't worry, we have a lot of good videos lined up for future WRs 

1st Vid : Disappointing results - why do so many people wash out the colours to white on "high fashion". Meh.
2nd Vid : Decent - would have liked to see more info on the video recording gizmo - ha!. Agreed wide shot was best but I think as he said - it's his signature look.
3rd Vid: 5min of noise. Only useful thing was the stills of settings and end shot, rest of no interest or info.

Eric Fialkowski's picture

Anyone know what boom he is using in the baseball one?

Sand Storm and the Baseball Glamour shoot are my favorite. Very informative and I like the end results. Thanks for sharing. 

(Didn't like the star shooting. Too distracting and annoying to watch). Sorry ; (

They needed a model that could actually fill out the bottoms of that 'baseball' uniform.  Those glutes were seriously lacking for shorts that short.