How to Set up a Styled Shoot and Make It Pop!

Are you feeling stuck in your work routine and want to unleash some creativity that isn't constrained by client's requests and demands? Why not plan a styled shoot and let that that artistic passion come out? Here are a few things to help you make it a successful and enjoyable endeavor.

Styled shoots may have received some criticism over time, with skeptics, like myself, arguing that it generally presents unrealistic expectations to clients who may be unable to distinguish between a real event or photo shoot, such as a wedding, and that of a styled one. Having said that, I too have participated in styled shoots as a way of working with fellow creatives, networking, and simply enjoying photography with no limitations, but never relied on them to act as something that is presented to clients as an attainable possibility. 

Styled shoots can also help less experienced and less established suppliers to come together and experiment with their skills and products; this is one of the points featured in this video guide by a professional wedding photographer Meredith Ryncarz. These types of shoots can also help suppliers who are looking to re-brand and wish to change the type of client they are targeting with their services or products. 

Accurately preparing and planning your styled shoot will ensure that you fulfill the goals you have set for yourself and your team, and will make it less likely to deviate from what you have envisioned while at the same time enjoying the experience and potentially building strong relationships with other suppliers. Ryncarz provides detailed advice on how to go from the early stages of coming up with an idea all the way to publicizing the final result in a way that is beneficial to all parties involved. 

Did Ryncarz's advice provide you with information that you will take on board for your next styled shoot? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thank you for sharing our video. :)

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No thank you for this lovely resource! :-)