What Photographers Do To Entertain Themselves In An Airport

Okay this video has no real educational value at all but I really enjoyed it. Larry Chen and Joe Ayala, two drifting photographers and videographers for Tandem of Die, recently were stuck overnight at the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. Instead of trying to sleep on the fluorescent soaked vinyl benches, they decided to create a fun video of them playing around the empty airport while security was apparently asleep. Using a few Gopros, their Canon 5D Mark II DLSRs, and some really clever camera angles, Justin and Joe have made a video that is sure to go viral. Already there is a lot of debate going on about the lack of security in Dallas causing the DFW Airport having to issue the statement below. This isn't the first time something like this has happened but, I'm pretty sure things are soon going to change. Hopefully as photographers and videographer, you can appreciate the cinematography and clever camera angles.

UPDATE: Full article from the guys themselves HERE!

Statement issued by the the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport:

"While DFW Airport can appreciate the creativity and humor demonstrated by the filmmakers, the Airport does not condone their entry into a closed place of business after hours. The video did point out the need to better secure this restaurant, and that issue is being addressed immediately. Further, it’s important to note that security agents observed the two filmmakers at several points during the making of the video. Because the filmmakers were presenting no threat to themselves, to others or to flight safety, and were causing no damage, there was no imperative to curtail their activities. DFW Airport, together with its security partners, maintains a high level of security at all times, and at no time did the filmmakers’ activities present any level of danger or threat to flight safety. And by the way, they also picked up after themselves, including the restroom."

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Patrick Hall's picture

I love at 1:38 you can see the ledge they used to get the downward shot that follows.  I love how every shot in this was carefully planned out.  Really creative if you can look past their actions as a whole.  

Jamie MacDonald's picture

OMFG! That was the funniest thing I've seen in a looooong time! Totally reminds me of having fun with my friends. You guys rock!!!

Kon Iatrou's picture

That's so cool and funny as!! Was wondering when security was going to bust up the party LOL

William Smith's picture

Great video and I like the response from the airport.  They could have handled it much worse and been jerks but they weren't.

Lance Burns's picture

Loved it!!!.

Brett Cox's picture

I like the fact that security let them do it.  I find it far too often that clean fun is halted making many of us resent or despise the people who work in an authoritative type career. 

Yann KEMPF's picture

Love it !

Stephen Masiello's picture

Hilarious and done with skill.

I worked at an airport and security was usually really nice to everyone. The cops not the TSA. TSA goes home for the most part at 11pm. I would bring my camera and take pics of everything and usually there was a cop that would come and ask me for tips to get better sports pics of his daughter or what ever. As long as its harmless they let you be. Great video btw!

John Villegas's picture

What a Fricking Scream!!

Are they the new Cheech & Chong?

Maybe the ethnic version of OK Go!


Unfortunately, the party's not over yet.

"Knock, knock"

"Who's there?"

It's the TSA, FBI and the county mounty!

Open up or we're gonna bash in the door."

"We're here to take you to Guantanamo!"

"Dave's not home, man!"

Tracy Nanthavongsa's picture

AMAZING VIDEO! The airport response is epic! 

John Villegas's picture

Freedom of the lens is alive and well in Dallas!

Hahaha.  I love it!  Great video!

The statement and Interview were awesome! I totally see Dallas airport and the CEO using it now as turn around for a viral video - increased security and using the two of them to show it...

Patrick Hall's picture

After reading the updated article Keven shared, it's clear that security was involved but just didn't care.  I think they could spin this in a way that shows that Dallas security is kind and polite.  They have sort of made this a good cop bad cop situation for the Dallas Police vs the TSA which might make people respect the DFW airport a bit more because we usually associate all security as a pain.  

lol - next time i'll know to book a 7am flight and get to the airport at 11pm

Will Austin's picture

"I’m pretty sure things are soon going to change. Hopefully as photographers and videographer, you can appreciate the fact that these guys just ruined the party for every other photographer who takes out a camera in an airport.... thanks fellas"

Cody Wayne Bridges's picture

HAHAHAHA I couldnt stop laughing when I saw him rotating on the escalator. Gonna try that next time I see one!

Mr Blah's picture

" DFW Airport, together with its security partners, maintains a high level of security at all times, and at no time did the filmmakers’ activities present any level of danger or threat to flight safety.”

But having a new water bottle, nail clippers or toothpaste is. Hum... I call bullshit.

Mads Eneqvist's picture

So funny good work guys!

Peter Pollack's picture

Just a point! If the security agents had noticed what these guy's where doing, surely they would have at least stopped and questioned them?!
Makes you wonder!

Anonymous's picture

I still don't see how they didn't get charged with petty theft of a business.

Anonymous's picture

LOL, this was hilarious!  LOVE the creativity of it all...

My fav was the shoe shining with his own shirt.... loved it! good work guys!

Peter Dancewicz's picture

I cracked up throughout the whole clip.. it would have been funny if they got carried out by security.. or pretended to be chased... keep it up guys.

Ben Fullerton's picture

Awesome video! And that's so rad of DFW to know about the filming and let it continue!

Rob Moody's picture

Ya seems after drinking the beer it would be considered theft, maybe they left a few dollars...
I've spent the night in dozens of crappy airports around the world and normally would drown a bag of puppies to be in some place as nice as DFW. Although I usually slept in an uncomfortable seat, drank duty free bourbon, did some gambling, talked firing rates of Ak 47's with security guards, played guess the air marshall, picked up a French girl who had been backpacking in N Africa, but nothing as creative as this.  Great job to these two for not taking a layover for granted and using the time to be creative.   

I saw this several months ago. Are you showing repeats? Or is this just my imagination running away with me.

What is the EOS red thing in his bag ??

Larry Chen's picture

We did not use any gopro's
This is the gear we used:
one magic arm mount used for roll cages in cars
one suction cup mount for car windows
Canon 400mm f/2.8 IS
Canon 85mm f/1.2 II
Canon 35mm f/1.4
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Canon 20mm f/2.8
Canon 15mm f/2.8
Canon 5dmkII
Canon T3i
No microphones, No Tripod. 

BTS video here:

Our tv spot here:

Félix's picture

What's the red red cover string at your bag, it looks to be putted on a monopod or something?

Dan Lubbers's picture

Hilarious! Reminds of shit my friends and I did as teenagers with one camcorder back in the mid-late 90's.