'What’s More Important': A Humble and Fun Miniseries Worth Watching

Film Director Franzty Moreau won an award at the Miami Filmgate film festival with his miniseries "What’s More Important." The first episodes are now available on YouTube and they are worth watching.

The Plot

The series follows the life of RcCody, a nice guy from Miami who returns home after graduating from a prestigious university but has nothing to show for it. As he stays with his sister, he hides in hopes to not be seen by people from his hometown and tries desperately to gain as much status and money as possible before confronting everyone. In this pressure, he discovers that he's living up to other's standards of him and not his own. He starts to break down what's more important to him when he begins to face challenges.

I watched this series while at the Miami FilmGate film festival. My video lost miserably, but the day was not lost, because I had the chance to discover this nice project. Throughout the episode, you can follow the typical life struggle of a nice guy in Miami: finding a job, getting a girlfriend, and running into old friends that you don’t necessarily want to see. Fortunately, the story never falls into social clichés. On the contrary, the main character goes through day-to-day situations with humility and hope, trying to figure out what’s most important in his life on a practical and personal level. The storyline is not exempt of humor and highlights some of the grotesque traits of living in Miami. Don’t expect any crazy CGI, catchy sexual scenes, or violent content here. The creativity doesn’t require any artificial elements. Overall, the series is refreshing and funny.


On the hardware side, the project was filmed with a Sony FS7 camera and Carl Ziess Cinema Prime lenses. The editing and post-production were done with Adobe Premiere Pro. As the director recalls: “The main challenge was having the responsibility of pretty much everything and still having to make everyone happy, respectful of your direction, and encouraged even when at times you can be discouraged yourself.” Conflicting schedules among the actors and financials were also a big problem for the film director. As usual with this type of production, Mr. Moreau, who appears as the main character (RcCody), is also the writer, producer, editor, creative director, music consultant, and marketing director.

What’s Next?

According to Moreau, the ultimate goal is to find a producer or some kind of partnership to get this series distributed via a television network or video-on-demand platform such as Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. The first episodes are available on YouTube.

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