World's Most Iconic Sports Photos Come From World's Most Iconic Sports Photographer

While looking for something to share with you all, I did a search for "the world's greatest sports photographer" and the first return I got was this: 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time. Now if I counted correctly, a staggering 16% of those 100 frames came from iconic sport photographer Neil Leifer (who currently has a 54-picture exhibit at Baltimore's Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards until October 2014). That being said, do you need any more of a reason to watch this video of Mr. Leifer? I thought not.
via [Baltimore Sun's The Darkroom]

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Fantastic Images and such a decent guy ! .. Cheers from Australia, wish I was there to see this exhibition. Any chance of it being in NY in April of 2014 !!!

Neville Hopwood's picture

Great images from America.

It should say "100 greatest sports photos of all time in America".

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solid photographer, nice images and great emotions!

How I live in Baltimore and was unaware of this exhibit bothers me. I know what I'm doing this week now.

That doesn't surprise me. I'm from Baltimore & they don't focus much on culture like their neighbor, Wash DC. Looks like an outstanding exhibit.

I saw documentary on Neil years ago (on HBO I think) that covered some of his favorite shots. That famous Ali/Liston shot lasted about as long as the blink of an eye. It was definitely a testimony of being in the right place at the right time. He described the venue, the lighting, the fact that it was a smoked filled place and how that smoked affected the light. He even pointed out that today, you can't smoke in venues like that anymore which creates a totally different atmosphere.

I'd like to find it again in Netflix or something.