5 Cinematic Gimbal Moves for Wedding Videography

The coverage of weddings has grown exponentially with the improvement of technology. Where once wedding videos were a high-end luxury, now they're closer to a staple. So, here are five gimbal moves you can do when shooting a wedding for a polished, pleasing feel.

It's really quite remarkable how much the sub-industry of wedding photography has evolved in the last 20 years. What is demanded of the photographers and videographers is generally so much higher than it once was. This is down to many factors, from social media to an improvement in the technology available, but it generally means that there is more pressure to create high-quality results.

In many ways, what is expected of a wedding photographer hasn't changed too dramatically; a great wedding photograph in 2001 would still be great in 2021. However, videography has moved a long way and now brides and grooms want something akin to a short film. One of the videographers most valuable tools in this pursuit is the gimbal, allowing for smooth and cinematic-looking footage. In this video, Parker Walbeck walks you through five of his go-to movements with his gimbal for creating the best results.

What is your go-to move with a gimbal when you're shooting video? Share it in the comments below.

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