Couple's Wedding Shoot Crashed by a Police Chase

Couple's Wedding Shoot Crashed by a Police Chase

When Wedding Photographer Annie Crossman was shooting her last wedding before her maternity break, she wanted to make it a memorable one. However, she never expected it to end up on local news after police crashed it.

Crossman, together with Charlie from Bristol Contemporary Photography second shooting alongside her, were doing couples portraits in Hinksey Park in Oxford, U.K., just a short drive from St. Aldates Church, where their couple had just tied the knot. She describes on her blog how they were just a moment into the couples' portraits session, when their quiet moments were interrupted by a few bystanders who rushed them to get out the way because a police chase was on to catch and arrest a drug dealer.

We then saw the drug dealer running past us, being chased on foot by police. Just a few minutes later, the police came in stronger force with several cars, shouting “congratulations!” out of the window as they whisked past us in the park.

The newly married couple, Becky and Toby, luckily weren't upset by it and instead chose to see the funny side of it, even posing with the police as they came back, after making the arrest. Not every couple gets their wedding day interrupted by something as unexpected as this, so there's no doubt that the story will be remembered on every wedding anniversary thereon. 

It’s certainly not something that happens every day. I had to make the decision whether to include them or not. We usually try to photograph weddings as they happen and keep it authentic so I kept them in. I thought it was annoying at first but then I thought, no, it’s actually quite funny.

Blissfully unaware just a few moments before the police came.

Have you ever encountered something crazy or unexpected while shooting a wedding? Tell us in the comments below.

Images used with permission of Annie Crossman.

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This gave me a good chuckle! Everyone was a good sport! How much funnier would it have been if the suspect posed right along with them.

HA oh my gosh, this is totally something that would happen at my wedding lol

This is a much better story than the headline implies… :)