Do You Use Animoto? Check Out This New Simple Theme

Do You Use Animoto? Check Out This New Simple Theme has revolutionized photo slideshow creation. I believe that for my wedding photography business in Charleston, slideshows are the most valuable form of marketing I have. I've always had one problem with Animoto though, most of their themes were really over the top. That was until they let me design my own.

A few months ago I was offered the opportunity to design my own slideshow theme (or style) for Animoto. I knew exactly what I wanted because I had been wishing for it for years. I wanted the most simple slideshow theme possible to make my pictures and video the stars of the show.

My theme had 5 basic concepts
1. Horizontal images must remain full screen (no black bars)
2. 1, 2, or 3 vertical images can show up side by side together
3. Video files must remain full screen (no black bars)
4. The pictures and video transitions will either dip to black or dip to white (you choose)
5. You can choose if you want a black or white version to match your website or taste

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE the "Animoto Original Style." I still plan on using the original style occasionally but every wedding has a different vibe and sometimes the original style doesn't feel very romantic. Sometimes the theme itself sets the mood rather than allowing the pictures themselves to portray an emotion.

I've mixed the same wedding with my new theme that has been named "Classic" on top and the "Original" theme on the bottom. Play them both at the same time and mute the music on one of them to get a side by side comparison.

For those of you who have never tried out Animoto before I'd suggest giving it a try. It's web based (nothing to install), it's affordable, and incredibly easy to use. If you still don't understand what exactly Animoto is, you may want to check out this promo below.

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Definitely love your's best. What is the name of the theme?

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I guess I missed the part... "I’ve mixed the same wedding with my new theme that has been named “Classic” ;)

Badass profile pic Lee

This is why i still use final cut to make my slide shows. I hate the cheesy look that animoto has had in the past it doesn't fit my style of shooting. good to know and something i may use in the future.
but for now i like being in charge of timing and placement. an example of what i do in FCP

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Lear, doesn't that take you forever to sync up the photos and music in FCP? I could see that taking an hour or more to create.

It's not too bad I export out of Lightroom at 1080 height and just drag that folder right into FCP from the clients perspective I'm sure they would never notice. And I'm sure it takes longer. But I'm kinda a perfectionist and really like to be in full control of timing placement and such.

Great work Lear, and i have to agree with your comments above.

Thank you! )

Love you style brother.

I create all of my slideshows in after effects and adobe premier. These look nice but I think they look a tad bit unprofessional,

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really? I use Premiere a lot but to create something that flowed as well as the animoto slideshows would take me FOREVER. I think Lee's new "classic" theme is really classy and would not offend any client. The "original" theme is def more contemporary but again I don't think I could come up with anything better on my own. Care to share a slideshow you are making? I'd love to see what other photographers are doing for their slideshows.

I am not saying that they are not good. I just like mine a little more artistic...

That awkward moment where you agree to be in a commercial to help a friend out and it keeps popping up on the internet...

Has anyone tried ProShow Producer?? You can create your own themes, and download a lot of effects, transitions and templates... I find it much easier than animoto, maybe because my internet connection is not as fast!

i like animo to but they need to be exclusivly for photographers and buisness owners not for the public

This is good news. Actually I dont really like Animotos original style... But this Classic version seems much useful to me. :)

I have