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An Entire Wedding Shot On An iPhone And Processed Using Instagram

An Entire Wedding Shot On An iPhone And Processed Using Instagram

Kim A. Thomas, a photographer out of San Francisco, recently shot an entire wedding using just her iPhone. She processed everything using Instagram as well. The couple, Jonathan and Brandi, wanted her to do so by request. She never used an SLR for any of the shots. Her main camera was the iPhone 4s with an iPhone 4 as a backup. She did use an SLR mount for her lenses and a tripod. Take a look at the shots and let us know what you think of them! 

Here's a shot of the full array of equipment she used during the wedding:

“I photographed the wedding with my iPhone 4s, along with a backup iPhone 4, an SLR Mount and my 50mm f1.4, the Glif Plus and an Olloclip (all from Photojojo). I brought my tripod along for stabilization in what would possibly be a poorly lit City Hall, and I also brought along my phone charger (not pictured). To my surprise, the light in City Hall was perfect.”

Kim writes about the decision,

“I've heard of iPhone weddings before, but I've only heard of 1 (maybe 2, according to Google), and so when Jonathan told me he was looking for a photographer to photograph their wedding with only an iPhone, I was esctastic. While I love my 5D, I'm a huge Instagram user and take more photos with my iPhone than any other camera I have. It's the camera, er, phone, I always have on me, and it's what has documented some of my best memories.”

Be sure to check out the full blog post to read about all the other details from the wedding!

Here are the shots from the wedding below.
























[Via Photojojo via Kim A. Thomas]

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J Greenwald's picture

A great artist with a different paint brush still paints great images. It's what's behind the lense that makes it work.

Thomas Casey's picture

What happened to the guests?

Flint's picture

Oh look, someone shot a wedding using what exactly everyone else has ... a stupid phone. Yeah, this is generally bad for the profession because it further enables the throngs at weddings who are constantly jumping into our angles. This is exactly the reason our industry has become so oversaturated with new photographers. It's not just that the technology is more accessible. But ... that crappy alternatives are good enough. It's like being a structural engineer who recommends using an erector set to build a sky scraper.

Darksaga's picture

lol wow these are horrid.....

Ev Sekkides's picture

Shame she didn't use a Rollei...

Elizabeth Boyle's picture

Such confident photography. Well done!