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Eva the Robot Photographer Just Shot Her First Wedding

Eva the Robot Photographer Just Shot Her First Wedding

After initially launching a couple of months ago, Eva the Robot Photographer has officially shot her first wedding. Using facial recognition technology, she is first able to recognize guests before asking if they would like their photo taken.

Despite photobooths long being a hit at weddings, a company spokesperson for servicerobots.com, the brains behind Eva, said people are starting to run tired of the more traditional booths: “They are looking for something new and memorable that will really make their event stand out. None of the guests at this wedding will ever forget their first encounter with a robot photographer.”

Guests can choose from many photography options and effects using the large interactive color screen. Once they have a snap they’re happy with, Eva can print it off instantly at a nearby photo-printing station or upload it straight to various social media platforms.

Naturally, she was a huge topic of conversation throughout the day. Gary, the groom, said:

This was a fantastic addition to our day, and our guests are still talking about it. Eva went down a treat and really got people involved. It made a nice change from the normal photo booths.

The company was clear to reiterate that Eva the Robot Photographer is intended for novelty purposes and not to replace a real human photographer. Certain technology may be hanging a big question mark over the future of professional photography, but it seems thankfully, Eva is not one of our competitors.

Read more on the company’s future plans at their official website.

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Very cool... I think this in awesome take on the usual photobooth stuff

I would hope that it has two memory card slots.

lol....i see what you did there.

As a photographer I think this is a scary look at the future. In 10 years time what will the then "Eva's" photographs be like? The technology of photography is been outsourced to A.I. today.

It's just a rolling photobooth which are now common installations at many of the weddings I'm hired to shoot (i.e. so far not replacing me). If anything they reduce the number of selfie takers in the background shots.

I think that any AI advancements over the next several decades would need to be coupled with a paradigm shift in what wedding clients deemed to be "good," photographs in order to pose a threat to photographers. Folks wanting to stand apart will still need the, "human touch." Fast forward 100 years into the future though and who knows.

If this thing can replace one selfie-stick it's worth it.

This might in the vein of grouchy "get off my lawn"...but this is just a strange creation to me.

Yeah, yeah, it is all good until a drunk groomsman decide to hop onto it and take it for a ride around the church...

I think I would be that groomsman.

I saw a couple yesterday taking engagement shots with their I-pad on a tripod. They could see what they were shooting, they had no idea what the picture quality or the lighting would be at the end, but they were saving money, so hey, it's all good,right?

Ricky and Morty did it first...