Important Rules for Wedding Photographers

Perhaps no genre will put more pressure on you in the moment than wedding photography, which requires you to be at the top of your game and gives you no second chances if something goes awry. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced wedding photographer discussing some important rules that will help to put you on the track to success. 

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this great video discusses some important rules for successfully shooting weddings. One that I notice a lot of newer wedding photographers struggling with is the importance of efficiency. The nice thing about portrait photography or many other genres is that you can generally take your time, build a rapport with the subject, experiment a bit creatively, and work up to your final shot. The simple truth is that you do not get that sort of luxury in wedding photography, and the schedule is totally out of your hands. You have to be prepared well in advance with a ready set of ideas that can still enables you to create compelling images, and just as importantly, you need to be able to adjust quickly and confidently on the fly if your first idea isn't working out. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Jackson. 

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Michelle VanTine's picture

I know in the industry sometimes wedding photographers are viewed as the bottom of the totem pole, but I agree with your introduction. I feel like truly talented wedding photographers have to be the most versatile and skilled of all photographers. You cannot stop the process or the day, so to speak. On a sports shoot or a product shoot I can take my time to achieve the exact idea I have. Wedding photographers are constrained to a very rigid timeline with planners breathing down their neck and constant interruptions. In the same day, they may have to shoot from a far distance with natural light and a telephoto lens (like Catholic churches that require you not to go past certain pews), strobe fashion-like portraits, macro details AND action with no light except DJ strobes going on and off while changing colors. Add to that sometimes you have to be a counselor, breathing coach, mother daughter referee.... I shot wedding for 8 or 9 years full time and I always have thought that really strong wedding photographers are the most skilled of us all.

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Rule . Make sure the bride's mother doesn't look fat