Pye Jirsa Released New Info About His Wedding Photography Workshop

If you've seen our 14 hour tutorial on how to become a wedding photographer, you know that I am a huge fan of Pye Jirsa of Lin and Jirsa Weddings and the owner of When we were planning Fstoppers Workshop: Atlantis we knew we had to get him as an instructor and I'm proud to announce that I convinced him to do his first ever workshop with us down in the Bahamas. Check out his newly released video that explains every detail of his incredible workshop.

Pye will be teaching 2 classes of 15 students everything he knows in the Bahamas. Check out both of these classes at the bottom of his workshop profile page. To learn more about the workshop as a whole check out and join the Fstoppers Workshops Facebook Group. Please note that this event will be limited to around 200 students but due to many requests, next week we will be implementing a 20% deposit holding fee so that you can reserve your classes even if you don't have the cash to pay in full right now.

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apollo's picture

It's a really shame that we can't have a video version of these Workshops or lectures...I'm so booked up with my work and studies that I can't even think about Bahamas. :(

But still, I'd love to hear Pye's amazing ideas and advices!

Guest's picture

Is there anytime this guy isn't selling something? I stumbled on some of his youtube channels about editing and thought it looked interesting - until I noticed all his editing tips were based on using the presets that he sells. I wonder if this workshop is also the same way.

Digital Macdaddy's picture

He runs a business. Stop with your "oh poor me" attitude and take the time to learn your craft. "This guy" is here to help you speed up the process of learning which saves you time.....your most valuable asset. Crying for handouts gets you nowhere in life. You don't have to buy it, but don't cry about it either.

Zachary Long's picture

While I haven't watched every tutorial, the one I did watch Pye actually took the time to let you type in the Lightroom settings and the video zoomed in on those settings for the preset he was using. If you're familiar with LR their really is no "secret sauce" (besides camera profiles like VSCO) it's just moving the sliders - and he "gave it away" in that video. Like John says below, you don't have to buy the presets if it's not for you (it's not for me), but SLR Lounge is a business just like Fstoppers is and has server and maintenance costs like anyone else, so of course I expect the occasional ad or plug for their own products mixed in.

Joe Bianchi's picture

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