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Identifying with Your Niche Is More Important than Targeting a Niche - TogTools Podcast with Sarah Williams

Identifying with Your Niche Is More Important than Targeting a Niche - TogTools Podcast with Sarah Williams

Next up to bat on the Fstoppers TogTools podcast series is our very own Sarah Williams, half of the wedding photographer team at Val & Sarah. Jess and Stephen interview Sarah about the importance of identifying a niche and how she goes about booking the type of people she would want to hang out with, the ins and outs of partnerships and connecting emotionally to her work.

Sarah is extremely engaging and funny throughout the episode and offers amazing stories and advice that I think everyone in business for themselves will connect with. I'm a wedding photographer and I learned a lot about what it would take for me to partner up with someone. There's a lot of valuable information in this one, and it's all easy to digest.

Be sure to check out more of Sarah's work here on her site!

Below is the tentative schedule of the release dates and the topics that will be covered, links back to each photographer's Fstoppers profile as well as links to their past interviews with the TogTools crew.

8/5/14: Lee Morris - Why You Should Deliberately Start Small.

8/12/14: Lindsey Pantaleo - How to Treat Your Photography Business Like a Real Business.

8/19/14: Adam Ottke - Building Your Business with the Right Gear

8/26/14: Rebecca Britt - Breaking into Concert Photography

9/9/14: Noam Galai - Copyright & Building a Multi-niche Photography Business 

9/16/14: Taylor MathisThe Business of Food Photography

9/23/14: Sarah Williams - Infusing YOU Into Your Brand

9/30/14: Clay CookFashion, Editorial and Advertising Photography

10/7/14: Zach Sutton - How to Develop Photography Education Products and Services

10/14/14: Jaron Schneider -

10/21/14: David Bickley -

10/28/14: Patrick Hall - Building a Relationship-based Photography Business

Please visit the TogTools website to watch each episode. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to watch for newly released podcasts.

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Aaron Brown is a Northwest Indiana wedding & portrait photographer. In his off time, he enjoys grooming his beard, consuming assorted meats and craft beers, and battling friends and foes alike in blitz chess. Follow him below, and feel free to drop him a line anytime.

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Sarah, you are a rock star! Thanks for being on the show! And thank you for the post, Aaron :)