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Save $100 Off How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer Tutorial by Fstoppers

Christmas is almost here, and over the next 4 days Fstoppers is going to have a flash sale on some of our most popular photography tutorials.  Today's sale is good for 24 hours and gets you $100 off our 14 hour extensive wedding tutorial How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer.  Lee and I wanted to share every photography and business tip we knew so you too can become a full time photographer with as little hassel as possible.  Check out the full post below for a few excerpts from the tutorial as well as the link to save $100. Stay tuned to Fstoppers for our next 24 hour sale leading up to Christmas.  




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Nick Chill's picture

I am just beginning the "wedding branch" of my photography business and I would really love this tutorial. However, I have to wait to make a purchase like this until the beginning of the year, for tax purposes. What are the chances of extending this sale?

Jason Rivera's picture

Just got back to the states after being in Eastern Europe for three weeks. Will this be going on sale again within the next few months?