Want to Be a Full-time Wedding Photographer? See These Great Tips

As wedding photographers, our hobby is our job, and we don't answer to the man. That's the dream. But how do we go from weekend warrior to full-time photo-ninja? These tips are invaluable.

Coming from Taylor Jackson's YouTube channel, these tips aren't simply his own. He's taken some great chunks of knowledge from his sizeable community and added his advice to them. We could all learn something from Taylor. His success in this industry has been documented well over the years, and I've personally learned plenty from him. 

My Wedding Photography Tip

If I could add just one thing to this video, as a professional wedding photographer, it would be this: you need to give it 110%. 

Would you expect to earn a full-time salary from a job you work eight hours per week? My guess would be no. Yet, many brand new photographers expect a packed diary and hundreds of inquiries without putting in the hours. As much as we all wish it were true, there is no quick-fix way to become a full-time photographer, so if you want to reap the rewards, you need to give it the same time as any other job. This sentiment becomes even more true when trying to establish yourself in your area. 

If you're thinking about becoming a wedding photographer, check out "How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer."

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Paul has been a professional photographer for his entire working life, specialising in reportage-style wedding photography for the last 5 years. He lives in England with his wife and a very cheeky cat.

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