Wedding Photography: How Jasmine Star Photographs Preparation Shots

It's no secret that Lee and I started our photography careers as wedding photographers. Regardless of what anyone says, photographing weddings is an excellent way to sharpen your photography skills since there are so many different types of shots you can plan throughout the day (and make a great living doing it). Usually when you first arrive at a wedding, the first photos your client will probably want you to capture are detail and candid getting ready shots. Superstar wedding photographer Jasmine Star recently released a great video outlining how she approaches these must have shots. If you are a guy then it's probably great advice hearing this from a female perspective so you know what's important to capture. And if Jasmine is reading, what's up with stealing our backgound?

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Love the commentary, just roll with the punches.
I look forward to your next video blog.

Damn she is shooting words out of her mouth like a machinegun (reminds me of Gilmore Girls)...

Nonetheless very informative, thanks! ;)

Ughhhh and this is why I don't shoot weddings. 

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I find shooting for couples is SO much easier than shooting for business owners....they let me run with my creativity and are always happy with the results.  Weddings have become much less stressful than most any other type of paid photography I do.  


I ask my brides to put all the little details like jewelry, invitation etc in  her shoe box and shoes on top of it.. Everything is ready by the time I walk in, so I don't have to go to anyone for every little thing I will need to photograph..
Hope this helps

Yes very nice. Great advise. But didn't you guys already post this a few months ago ?

Yep, that's the one Patrick. Your on the ball mate. Cheers.

amzing :)

great advice, just shot my first wedding at the weekend ( : wish I'd seen this beforehand ( ;

I can tell you one thing for sure... it's all about "rolling with the punches".  Every wedding is different, and regardless of how much planning I do.. I have learned that it just pays to use common sense and practice thinking fast on your feet.  I have yet been to a wedding where everything was exactly perfect, including my own.

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".................And if Jasmine is reading, what’s up with stealing our backgound?" Leap two years and boy does this seem less coincidental.