Shooting Star Videos - A Valuable Resource for Wedding Photographers

Shooting Star Videos - A Valuable Resource for Wedding Photographers

One of my favorite books is Love Is A Killer App by Tim Sanders. In it we read that business love is “the act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your intangibles (knowledge, network, and compassion) with your bizpartners.” One person who exemplifies this concept perfectly is Jasmine Star and her series of videos called Shooting Star. The videos are full of great advise for new as well as experienced wedding photographers ready to learn new tips that will help them grow their business.

Most of us are familiar with Jasmine. We have seen her on CreativeLive a few times, she is typically a key-note speaker at the large photography conferences and she has an amazing ability to draw people to her; dare I say she is a marketing machine. But what makes Jasmine extremely likable is her uncanny willingness to help others out that might be struggling with their own photography business. She does this by constantly offering advise and answering questions people ask on her blog. Often people will have the same types of questions, such as "How to help couple's pose," or "How to get more people to like your business on Facebook?" Jasmine decided to start recording small video snippets that she would share on her YouTube channel answering some of these more common questions as well as covering other tips that she has found useful in her business. The videos have become an extremely valuable resource and because she keeps them short (most under 5 minutes) they are something quick and easy to watch while taking a break from the daily grind.

Over the last couple years she has covered a range of topics. You can see all of them here on her YouTube channel. Here is a sample of the last five that she has posted...

Tips For Posing a Couple On A Wedding Day

How To Do A Same Day Slideshow

Free Marketing

Directive Posing

Engagement Shoot Tips

Working With A Business Partner

Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know Jasmine on a personal level. I will be the first to tell you that both her and her husband JD have some of the biggest hearts in the industry and even off the stage and out of the big lights they both are two of the most charitable people I know, always ready to help out others never expecting anything in return. When you have a few minutes today I would encourage you to watch a video or two, I guarantee you'll pick up some great advise from them.
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Love it Trevor :) J* is an awesome teacher and I'm loving being part of her ReSTARt audience. She has such an easy and comfortable way of teaching

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Fantastic! What a great quick snapshot of tips and tricks in one place. She is phenominal and I remember seeing her on CreativeLive. Thanks for the post!

Kevin Blood's picture

Great source of information and I liked how you were brief
and to the point.  Thanks.

Lots of great info in her videos. She and JD really are wonderful and helpful people. Great article!

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Kool :) 

Miguel Romero Fotógrafo's picture

Time ago I saw a video of her, I have to see all of them, thank you!!

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"advice" not great 'advise'

Alvinus Melius's picture

I am really in love with Jasmine. She is a great photographer. She turns me on photographically. I want to go out and shoot some people now. (With a camera. Of course!)