How to Get More Traffic to Your Wedding Photography Blog

How to Get More Traffic to Your Wedding Photography Blog

One of the most effective ways for wedding photographers to advertise for free is by blogging their work. There’s an old saying that goes something like “you can’t sell what you can’t show,” and it can’t be more true when it comes to our services. If we don’t blog, or show our work, how would a potential client find us? And guess what the best part is? Blogging is absolutely free!

There are many different strategies out there. Some will focus solely on SEO (search engine optimization), while some believe in buying Google ads. You can find a ton of different sources online on the topic of SEO. That’s not the focus of this article. I wanted to share how I maximize web traffic to my blog posts after a wedding or engagement session has been posted.

For my business, I believe getting your work seen by as many people as possible is the most important way to advertise and getting your brand out there. When I blog, I absolutely love it when my clients share their blog posts. It shows me that they loved their session so much that they wanted all of their friends and family to see their images. More hits to the blog post equals higher Google ranking based on the key terms. It's a win-win for everyone. So exactly what do you do? How do you maximize traffic to your blog posts after you post a session? Here are the five things you can do right now to drive more traffic to your blog.

1. Timing

Clients are the most excited about their photos immediately after the shoot. The longer you wait, the more the excitement wears off. So timing is everything. If your schedule allows you to blog a session, blog as soon as possible. I send my clients an email immediately after the session that explains the process to my clients, and gets them excited about the blog post.

2. Centralize

I see a lot of photographers have two or three different websites; one for their portfolio, one for their blog, and another for their online gallery. Maybe they will have a Facebook fan page on top of that, too. All of these are competing traffic for each other. Centralize and focus web traffic to one location. For me, that is my blog. I post only one image on Facebook, and my clients will have to share my blog post and not the Facebook fan page. My website doesn’t get any SEO juice if my clients share a Facebook gallery over my website. I also don’t provide my clients with a separate "best of" online gallery to share. If they are going to share images from the shoot, it will be from my blog post.

3. Incentivize

Our clients really don’t have to help us with our SEO. It’s nice when they do, but they don’t have to. In order to thank my clients for doing so, I provide them with some sweet incentives. There are a lot of things you can thank your clients with. The incentives are covered in my email templates for wedding photographers. And because I install an array of social media plugins, when my clients or their friends comment on the blog, it shows up on their own networks’ newsfeed.

4. Don’t forget the vendors!

Don’t forget about all the vendors that worked hard on the wedding or the session with you. Wedding planners, floral, hair/makeup artists, etc; We all work together as a team to create the best results for our clients. They are just as excited about the session as you are. I send all the vendors an immediate email after the wedding or shoot, thanking them for their talent and involvement with the shoot. I also typically credit all the vendors that are involved in the shoot. The template emails I send to my vendor friends specify where and how they should share the images that will be mutually beneficial to everybody.

5. Be Social

Make sure your blog post and images are readily shareable. That means installing a Facebook “like” plugin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest “pin it” buttons, and so on. When a viewer interacts with your blog post — commenting, liking it, pinning it — you want to make it easy for that interaction to show up on their social media network.

So those are my top 5 tips of getting more web traffic to your blog! The implementation of these strategies are all covered in my new email templates for wedding photographers. If you follow my email system, you will notice an immediate jump in your web traffic as well! If you have any other tip, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share it in the comments section below. Fstoppers readers will receive 10% off their purchase by using the code "fstoppers".

Guest Contributor Jeremy Chou is a fine-art luxury wedding photographer based in Southern California. He has shot weddings internationally and also taught workshops in both United States and Asia. He has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and worked in an architect’s office for almost 10 years before switching to wedding photography full-time. He currently lives in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife and two daughters.

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Paulo Macedo's picture

Chou, nice post man!!

Jeremy Chou's picture

Thanks Paulo! Glad you found it useful.

Jonas Karlsson's picture

Great article. One thing ive been pondering is if i should edit 1-3 great images the day after the wedding and uploading to facebook + instagram with the couple tagged. Theres always ALOT of activity on the couples facebook pages with everyone congratulating and tagging themselves in images taken by the guests but the activity will die off in 3 days or so. Are there any downsides to this? Would the couple take any possible offense by doing it?

Jeremy Chou's picture

Jonas, I upload one single photo to facebook the night of the wedding, and tag my clients in the photo. I LOVE it when their friends tag them, because it just makes my professional photo stand out that much more. As you said, the activity will die off in 3 days, so does the excitement. I believe in capitalizing that exciting just like all the other guests! Also, I have a template email that I send to my clients after the wedding that encourages my clients to share my photos only. So far it has worked out really well!

Shayne Thomas's picture

Hi Jeremy, Great article! Thank you! :)
I have a question regarding the timing section here. I fully agree that the excitement is at its highest just as the session is over; but my question is... do you write/publish a blog post before delivering the images to the clients? So the first images they see of their wedding will be on your blog, a day or two later? Have you had any complaints or problems with that? ( of course, if you stated that in your contract, they cant complain).

Thanks! :)

Jeremy Chou's picture

hi Shayne, glad you found the article useful!

If I'm understanding your question correctly, you are wondering if any of my clients ever get upset because they see the images on my blog before the final images are delivered? I have not had any clients complain of seeing their images too soon. In fact, they are always very excited to see the images!

Shayne Thomas's picture

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks so much for getting back to me. You answered my question clearly. Thats good to know. I've had a battle in my mind as to whether or not it's "ethical" to post the wedding images for the world to see before they even get to see them.

Thanks again and keep posting!!

Chris Adval's picture

I don't believe "Blogging is absolutely free!" is true. What if you suck at writing and cannot learn to be a great writer, option would be to hire a writer or/and editor to put your words into a magical puzzle many people don't know how to do, plus look like you know how to "write properly" without grammar nazis coming along and if you don't follow the grammar nazi rules then you "look bad" to your higher end audiences who may be mostly of grammar nazis. And for non-photography bloggers well you gotta pay for stock photos too ;) but luckily we're photographers and should be using our own photos into our own blogs. Just saying ;)

Jeremy Chou's picture

Chris, you can go build a completely free Wordpress site, right now. Without any web hosting platform or paying a 3rd party. Is it the best option? Of course not. But can you get it for free? Absolutely. And yes, photographers should totally use their own photographs or obtain proper permission to use the images on their blogs.

Chris Adval's picture

You didn't read my comment. My comment was you need to hire a professional writer or editor if you truly want a "good" image from your blogs or else the grammar police will come down your throat. I actually have 5 wordpress blogs, free to install, but that was not my point at all. If you want a really successful blog you should have a professional writer or editor ensuring its perfect and easy to read for the target audiences. I sadly do not have one yet with lack of funding but I plan to have one once I have some decent growth enough to justify the need.

Jeremy Chou's picture

I did read your comment, but I missed your point. And yes, you are absolutely right, if one can't put two coherent sentences together for a blog post, then the photographer is better off hiring a professional writer. I think the misconception a lot of photographer has is that we have to write a romance novel for a blog post. We don't have to do that. All we have to write (for SEO purpose) are the facts. For example, "I shot a beautiful DIY wedding at ABC venue in Anytown, USA. The bride wore a vintage wedding gown by XXX designer and shoes by YYYY....." so on and so forth. Good discussions!

Chris Adval's picture

So you'd recommend buying SEO photography terms from photography specialized SEO firms and then re-using the terms to ensure you hit those terms on blog posts for increased rankings?

Jeremy Chou's picture

I am not sure what "buying SEO photography terms" mean Chris. My recommendation would be to make sure in the body of the text to hit all major search terms that brides might be looking for. Such as "wedding photographer at XYZ venue." Or "wedding photographs in Anytown, USA." Hope that helps!

Chris Adval's picture

Here's one that sells the keywords of most popularly used, so basically doing that research leg work is what they sell I'd assume from known more as FotoQuote -

Tim -'s picture

Great tips. Thanks for this.

I'm currently working on my SEO a lot. Here's the deal, I shoot wedding video's instead of photo's. The good thing about photography is that you could easily shoot a picture of the cake / location / other vendors and exchange the photo for a backlink. In the case of video that's not so easy. A simple short clip of a wedding cake is not something that the vendor can really put to use.

Also, I want my website to look like a 'boutique' wedding film company. It should look 'small' and 'personal'. A big blog attached to it doesn't really fit to my style and lay-out.

But maybe, I am mistaken. Maybe someone wants to take a look and share their opinion with me? Any other things I can try maybe?

For those who are interested:


Trifon Anguelov Photography's picture

Great article. As a wedding photographer and blogger in San Francisco Bay Area, these 5 tips make perfect sense. Blogging has to be informative and useful for the readers, true. But the most important point which is missing from the list is the wedding blogger to decide: Who does he or she blogs about? Is it other wedding photographers, is it brides and grooms, is it everyone.

I have seen many blogs which try to do both and ends up not being interesting for no one. I had to make the same decision for my own wedding blog: but as soon as I decided on my audience, the traffic grew exponentially.

The weddings are so much fun to photograph and share. Hope many read this and share their stories. Brides and Grooms, as well the entire wedding industry benefits from being better educated and informed.

Anonymous's picture

Good post, some good ideas. thx

Sean Simons's picture

I like your advise to make sure that your blog posts and images are readily shareable. This might mean actually doing some leg work and making sure everything shows up and looks good when someone shares a link, or making sure the text is correct when they pin something. However, doing this extra work will drive a lot more people from their networks to your website.

Paige Smith's picture

Currently wedding photography is my new hobby. I love the white dresses and happy smiles. Making the bride feel absolutely beautiful is a crucial part of what I do. However, I have not really thought about expanding to customers online through a blog. These are all great tips on how to get myself promoted on there more.I especially agree with timing being extremely important. They do want to see their photos almost immediately.

Joe Topping's picture

Nice post, there are some useful tips here, cheers.

Moo Jae's picture

So true, the most exciting part is seeing their photos after the shoot.

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