Wedding Photography Tip: Fight For Your Artistic Vision

Today, it is pretty common for a couple getting married to hire both a wedding photographer and videographer. When I meet a videographer for the first time I usually try to feel him or her out and figure out the best way that we can work together as team. In most cases we can both work to create great memories for our clients, but, if the videographer happens to step into my shot and ruin a picture, I have no choice but to begin to punch him in the face. If he attempts to fight back I am then forced to smash his video camera. This may be a little hard to understand so check out the video below for a great example.

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LMAO!! Been there before

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Someone needs to translate this.


This was funny and so sad, all at the same time...

I think its usually not great situation if they hire photographer and videographer. The couple usually don't know where to look at. And the fleshlight destroy all videographer work anyway.

Shit Happens, LMAO.....

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funny stuff ;-)

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I'm voting this as fake...the version I saw was cut completely differently with some of the same footage. Punk'd!

errrm.... why are there 2 brides?

Think I just saw this gear on eBay... LOL

Anyone know which country this took place??

I'm betting the bride will never forget her "Magical" day....

Does the phrase "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking" ring a bell?

That's some bullet proof Panasonic POS... not!

Too funny 8^)

A buddy of mine just translated 2:20- the videographer barked out "OK, everyone take their places... TAKE 2"!

Senseless stupidity.

hahaa... I love what you wrote to accompany this video Lee, it made me laugh more than the actual video :)

Ha!! Instinctively I found myself rooting for the videographer to kick the still photog's ass (not that I've ever had a problem with a still photog at a wedding). If its real, I'd love to know what the situation was here.

Well It wouldn't be a wedding without a good fight I eastern Europe that is. I think it was fake judging from what they are saying, no one has a clue who the operators and photographers were filming and why they were fighting. I saw a zenith 35mm SLR and bunch of old video cameras while the other Professionals were using Nikon DSLR's. I'm thinking it's a great way to trash some equipment and get some hits on you tube. I understand what they are saying and have no idea why they are fighting.

The two guys in the black where working together (same shirt) and then he trashed his own guys camera. :S

My wife gave me a play by play translation of the whole thing (she's from Moscow). She says it's fake.

What's very strange is that there are many couples and so many video/photographers. Is this the holy grail to take pictures on your wedding day?

Like Richard says, I think it's fake

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mindless violence

Fake or not... having just been to Moscow this summer, there are wedding photographers/video EVERYWHERE taking pictures of newlyweds. Seriously, brides were walking around Red Square daily with champagne bottles.

This is the true fight between photographer and videographer.
There is a not one wedding, there are thee or four wedding. And these photographer and videographer was with another married couple. They asked every time: "This is your operator?" I'am live in Kazakhstan (ex. republic of USSR, if you don't now). And I was witness of conflict like this between operator and photographer. But it happens rarely.

Totally don't get what is going on here...makes my camera gene hurt though.

I can only hope a situation like this happens at my cousin's wedding in a couple weeks. It would make things a whole lot less boring.

What a great shit! Did you have no better things to do?

It was marketing idea for one of Russian Photo/video studios. Bride and groom agreed for such set up, but guests didn't know! Broken cameras are old and cost next to nothing if you noticed:)So they got this video as a news story on a few TV channels for free!

at 00:39, if you watched the scene leading up to that, you can see the guy actually is throwing his OWN video camera =)) priceless!

That shit take place in Russia, damn such a brutal wedding =)
There is a stereotype that traditionally russians have fights at weds, this video can show "boring" life of russian commercial photographers...
Quite interesting fact : nobody knows whose cameraman it was...

And at last: it`s fake=) guys use old Zenith camera, for commercial job it`s kind of insanity to use film crappy gear...

It's fake guys. There is another clip where they show what gear they where using. That stuff all together costs maybe 50$ :D

Just don't show up at a wedding in jeans and a t-shirt!

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