The Wednesday Rundown 5.12.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Thanks for all the videos sent in this week, shout outs to Tóth, Thibaut, and Bastian!!  We have a great mix of videos this week, a restaurant shoot, a French Chanel shoot, and even some extreme rock climbing. Keep sending in the videos we do check them out!

Rabbit Bistro behind the scenes:

Great video on a photo shoot for a restaurant, from the chef to the food.

French Photo Shoot:Chanel

In French but you get the idea of the shoot and the models.

Cosmetics Shoot:

A shoot involving make up and facial jewelry.

POV Rock Climbing Shoot:

This one doesn't fall into the behind the scenes photography but it inspired me a bit and I think we can take some techniques here and use them. This guy has some amazing videos he shoots himself with this rig!

Bumbles & Out-Takes from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

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Some details about the french video : this Karl Lagerfeld (a famous dressmaker, photographer and now art director for Chanel) shooting Vanessa Paradis (a french actress and singer).

Great rundown today. I really enjoyed the POV video at the end. Does anyone know what that was he was using in the rig? Mic Stand maybe?

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

who knows what that thing is. If you look at his other videos you can't even tell he has anything on.

Ha! The Rabbit Bistro's logo is actually Frank from Donnie Darko!