The Wednesday Rundown 5.9.12

The Wednesday Rundown 5.9.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. 8 Bit Digital TV sent in a great video on how to key a green screen in After Effects. They do a great job showing the best way to approach this. Also check out the behind the scenes of The World Underneath, and see the amazing work from Graham Eaton. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

The World Underneath:

This is an amazing look at Graham Eaton's work with the world underneath. Graham specializes in underwater photography and has it down to an art. Check out this video and his shots at the end. Amazing work.

Green Screen Keying (After Effects):

8 Bit Digital TV show us their tricks for keying a green screen in After Effects. For us that are just starting to edit video and want to learn some effects this is a great place to start.

Fiat Campaign Shoot:

Studio Blu shows us behind the scenes for their Fiat Campaign. Check out there scouting and shooting.

BTS - Fiat Doblò Camper Campaign Backstage from Studio Blu 2.0 on Vimeo.

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8bitDigitalTV's picture

Hey guys, thanks for sharing our tutorial!  We hope it's helpful to people.

The other videos were inspiring!


 Congratulations on the feature, my brother! Really thought you did an awesome job on the green screen tutorial!

Is it only me or the FIAT bts was quite confusing? Why would you back up and leave around 3pm when the light is starting to get good? I would love to see the shots that came out of that shoot. Anywhere we can see them?