The Wednesday Rundown 6.2.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Hopefully the weekend was a nice long one and you had Memorial Day off. I am putting aloe gel on this sunburn that got me this weekend on the beach, but it was worth it. This week we have a swim wear shoot, a magazine cover, and a jelly bean girl. Keep sending in the videos you find and work on the videos for the contest!!!

Industrial Photo Shoot:

Check out this shoot done in a factory. Love the raw images that come out of this.

Jelly Bean Photo Shoot:

A behind the scenes shoot that turns out really creative.

Rockstar Swimwear Photo Shoot:

A model shoot for some swim wear. Has some great backgrounds.

Magazine Cover Photo Shoot:

A shoot with a couple and a bicycle.

Hot Car Shoot:

A couple of actors and a hot car round up a shoot.

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OK.. So this weeks Wednesday Rundown wasn't exciting. I LIVE FOR THE END PRODUCT MENG, LOL.. only clip with a end product was the Jelly Bean girl.

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Eddie you are the man! I was going to email some of these guys and see if they had any images up. You wouldn't believe how many videos don't show the final images. I found a great shoot for the American canoe team, great shoot but no images at all. I will step it up. Thanks for the feed back!

Patrick Hall's picture

Yep none of these videos would even qualify for the Free Camera Contest. Photographers, step up your game and include the final product in your behind the scenes videos!

"Step up your game."
That's PH's slogan.

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If anyone knows this slogan, it is you Mr. Hamburgers