The Wednesday Rundown 6.30.10

Hello everyone , I  hope the weekend went well for you. I had a great weekend doing two shoots, one for Lee right in the middle of Manhattan and one on my own. I have been using the forum to get ideas and feedback on shoots and some business advice. This week I have ran across some beautiful models in the behind the scenes videos. Finding attractive models is something we can all do to make our photos stand out even more. If you have any questions, comments or even need some feedback check out the forum. Thanks again for the comments everyone.

Felicia Day: Photo Shoot

This is a great example of how a model can make your shot. I am not taking anything away from the photographer but giving them mad props for finding a model with such beauty. Her eyes, hair and personality really make this video enjoyable. Some great final images also!! Most of these shots look like they were only taken with natural light and I like it.

Beach Photo Shoot:

Another great shoot featuring some models that take this photographer to the next level. I wish I could see some final images, however with this solid video you can almost just do a screen capture and end up with a great image.

Model Photo Shoot:

I would love some feedback on this video. I think it is a solid video, great model and scene selection. I just feel like maybe with some different lighting it could make the photo a bit more dynamic. Maybe a softbox on that light? Please give us some feedback!

Forever 21 Photo Shoot:

I want to show this video to empower all of us. This is a large fashion company shoot.... but I feel like some of us have the talent to do something like this. I always try to remind myself that we can do it the same way the professional can, unless they have thousands of dollars of lighting. In this shoot it does not look too expensive.

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Very nice work done on the Felicia Day. that is one person i would love to shoot with. thanks for the video

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Let me know if you need me to hold anything when you shoot her.

I don't think the last shoot is that big. I gotta admit the set might be impressive but they're still shooting with Alienbees, no Broncolor or Profoto... They may be pros but don't use inaccessible high-end lighting gear.