The Wednesday Rundown 6.9.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another amazing weekend in the New York area. I Had the chance to shoot a wedding with NYC as the back drop, Gorgeous! Check out some of the wedding shoots that I found this week. I have worked hard to insure all the videos show the final pictures. Thanks to Eddie letting us know what needs to be seen. We love the feedback and want to give the crowd here videos to inspire and help. Thanks again for the comments.

Behind the scenes Bridal Shoot:

Check out the great scenery this bride is shot in.

BYU Football Poster Shoot:

Great quality video shot at the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. The colors really pop in the video and the final images.

Fashion Photography in the Forest:

A fashion shoot done in the forest with a couple of speedlights.

Behind the scenes at Wedding Photography:

A wedding photographer walks us through a day of shooting.

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Wow, the 2nd photographer was shooting medium format film! This is probably the first video of a film shooter on the website. I can't imagine shooting with strobes and film but I'll be giving it a shot once this fall Photography 260 class starts.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I had one up the other day that had Polaroid. I want to find some more. I think you just have to take a bunch on different settings. Or just be amazing.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah there is no way I would be doing what I'm doing if I were using film!

Good work Jerrit on the WRD segment. It might be my favorite post of the week.