The Wednesday Rundown

Hello and welcome to The Wednesday Rundown, where we help you get through the week. Fstoppers is getting a ton of videos sent in by the community. Unfortunately we can't get every video on the front page. That is where I come in, Hello I am Jerrit.  Every Wednesday I will pick my favorite videos and make the Wednesday run down. Please help us find these videos of behind the scenes photography in the dark corners of the various video websites. I know you have been there. Send links to our email . I will post the lucky selection every Wednesday.  Feel free to comment and let your opinions run no particular order.

How to go all out on with a senior portrait : Eric Naslund

We just got this submission in from Eric minutes ago and as soon as I saw it I wanted to share it. It is so exciting to see what a talented photographer can do with a shoot that could be extremely boring and straight forward. I am inspired.

Trampolin - Jump - Shoot - Making Of : Manuel Mauer

Here we have a creative photo shoot with a trampoline and a couple of speedlights in South Germany. To check out more of Manuel's work please check out his vimeo.

Photography Tips on Fashion and Beauty Lighting: Karl Taylor

Karl shows us some great lighting on a fashion shoot. Great details for the shoot are given. Check out Karl's work via youtube.

Behind the Scenes - Kelly - Haul All: Michael Warf

Michael shows us a behind the scenes shooting of a photo shoot. Check out his shoots and post production work using Adobe Lightroom. Check out more of his videos via youtube.

Awesome how to lighting from Nikon via Strobes

Check out these great how to videos by Joe McNalley using the Nikon CLS system. Video number 3 is wicked. I stumbled on this on strobist a while back, these guys have some great tips on lighting, check them out.

Videos are on the Nikon Website: Video 1 | Video 2 Video 3

Behind The Scenes - (Car) Photoshoot : Chris Benny

I have always wanted to do a car photo shoot. Check out the quick photo shoot with Chris and see the great final images. To see more of his work check out his vimeo.

Behind The Scenes - Photoshoot from Chris Benny on Vimeo.

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Thanks for helping out Jerrit, your rundown is a huge weight off of our shoulders

Dude, whatever you are doing, it's great! I appreciate all the videos that's been posted up. And yeah! You guys are using the pro photoblog template. Awesome!


Thanks Rudy, please make some videos for us!

Thanks for giving me this plug... all the other vids are so great!

Of course Stanley, keep up the good work.