The Wednesday Rundown 9.8.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. What an amazing long weekend in NYC, the weather was perfect. This week we have a couple of car shoots. One breaks down the lighting very well. We also have a themed bad to the bone shoot that gets a little crazy. Send in your behind the scenes video to fstoppers.

Lighting a 57 Chevy:

The photographer is a bit "stiff" in this video but break down the lighting very well. He only use 4 lights to make this sweet ride shine.

Landscape Shoot:

I still enjoy doing shoots as this guy does. A nice road trip out to some beautiful fields and waiting for the sun to light the sky up. Check out the final images.

bang photography - Behind the shoot: Rosedale from bang Photography on Vimeo.

Themed Shoot

These guys scare the junk out of me. I would turn the other way if I saw this photo shoot going on. However we do have a video to watch safely. Check out the bad to the bone shoot, I don't think these guys are fake.

Bad To The Bone - Outdoor Strobist Portraits from Konstantin Lazorkin on Vimeo.

Classic Car Shoot:

Another car shoot light and edited very well. Features the second largest light box on the west coast.

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Classic Car Shoot: was shot at Studio Exchange in Santa Ana, CA. I've done a little work there and it is a great facility. It's run by Randy Logan You'll find the link to the rental studio and to KCH Digital at the bottom of the page. BTW Kim Herrera (KCH Digital) is one of the best PS retouchers.