Recap: Day One of Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas

Recap: Day One of Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas

We're about ready to head to the welcome party down at the Fstoppers Workshop in the Atlantis, and gaging from the use of the hashtag, our attendees are livin' rough. Here's a recap of some of the classes and behind-the-scenes photos.

Robb Grimm of PRO EDU taught his class on product photography today and used the watch off his wrist.

Aaron Nace with Phlearn took his class up to one of the suites and shot some photos for their composite they will be putting together tomorrow. 

Pye Jirsa did two live shoots and gave his class an early morning!

Julia Kuzmenko McKim threw her students into high-end beauty with a studio setup today and then tackles retouching tomorrow.

To top it off, let's just say the view isn't too bad!

We live-streamed some awesome behind-the-scenes snippets of the day on Periscope through our @fstoppers account, so make sure you're following us over there! Check out all the behind-the-scenes photos from students on Instagram with the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops.

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I hope y'all do this next year!

Amazing first day everyone. I'm so tired but I'll be up again at 7am to do it again for the next 4 days.

Whats MJS doing?