Recap: Final Day of The Fstoppers Workshop in The Bahamas

Recap: Final Day of The Fstoppers Workshop in The Bahamas

Well, we've just ended our last day in the Bahamas and it holds true that days fly by. Our final classes just ended and I'm almost positive everyone is going back to their rooms to nap before our last night on the island. 

Our last day of classes was filled with a ton of time inside learning new techniques and editing photos. Our teachers might be losing their voices but they're powering through. We're also starting to see some of the photos come out that were taken over the past week, and we've been blown away with the level of amazingness our students are showing. 

As usual things got a little crazy on set. 


We live-streamed some awesome behind-the-scenes snippets of the day on Periscope through our @fstoppers account. Periscope was a huge success in our book. We were able to show little snipits of the workshop with some awesome tips. Some of the videos will be up till tomorrow. Check out all the behind-the-scenes photos from students on Instagram with the hashtag #fstoppersworkshops.

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Sure looks like a lot of fun...

Just a little!

I agree that using Periscope was a success! I found it very informative when the broadcasters engaged the audience's questions and comments. Showing the lighting setup at the boxing gym and reasoning behind it was my favorite part.

Yea, sometimes it was hard to answer questions due to the fact we didn't want to interrupt classes. But we're glad you enjoyed it!