SLR Lounge Wedding Workshop: Part 2 Photographing the Groom

Wedding Workshop 

Welcome to the second portion of our Wedding Workshop series, Photographing the Groom!


In our second installment of the Wedding Workshop series, we continue our mission in helping you create consistently incredible images for your clients. This course will teach you how to create flattering groom’s portraits and capture journalistic moments during Groom Prep. The training we go through will provide lead and second shooters with the education necessary to be prepared for any scene and situation.

Our comprehensive workshop will be covering everything you need to know about how to create incredible wedding day imagery from:

  • Posing the Groom and Groomsmen
  • Knowing the necessary gear to best photograph the Groom
  • Learning how to light scenes with highly affordable, portable lights and setups
  • Problem-solving and making the most of any scene
  • Post producing for an amazing end product

If you’re looking for a workshop that discusses all the nitty gritty details of booking your client and establishing a strong relationship even before the wedding day, be sure to check out the first portion in our Wedding Workshop series, Communication, Panning, and Ecstatically Happy Clients.


Chapter One
01. Introduction to Photographing the Groom
02. What Is This Course About?
03. Our Three Favorite Lenses for Photographing the Groom
04. Honorable Lens Mentions
05. Creative Accessories for Your Photography Toolkit
06. Light Modifiers and Accessories
07. Specialty Lighting Tool for Your Kit
08. Second Shooters Gear Guide for Photographing the Groom
09. 8 Tips for Prepping to Photograph the Groom

Chapter Two
01. Introduction to Groom Posing
02. Standing Pose Demo
03. Sitting Pose Demo

Chapter Three
01. Location Scouting for Natural Light Groom Portraits
02. Understanding How to Control Natural Light for Groom Portraits
03. Solving Lighting & Composition Issues On the Spot
04. Posing Tips for Seated Portraits

Chapter Four
01. Introduction to Shooting The Details
02. Shooting the Details Pt.1
03. Shooting the Details Pt. 2

Chapter Five
01. Introduction to Photographing Groom Prep
02. Off-Camera Flash Lighting for Groom Shower & Shave Portraits
03. Photographing the Groom Getting Ready
04. Photographing the Groom Opening a Gift
05. Photographing the Groomsmen Getting Ready
06. Photographing Groomsmen Gift Exchange

Chapter Six
01. Introduction to Shooting Dramatic Groom & Groomsmen Portraits
02. Location Scouting & Scene Analysis for Dramatic Indoor Portraits
03. Dramatic Groomsmen Portraits – Bar Scene

Chapter Seven
01. Introduction to Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Photos
02. Outdoor Groom Photos – Scouting & Scene Analysis
03. Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Portraits – Valet Driveway
04. Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Portraits – Walking Shots
05. Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Individual Portraits

Chapter Eight | Case Studies
01. Case Study #1 – B&W Is Your Last Resort
02. Case Study #2 – Mixing Light Temperatures
03. Case Study #3 – Warm Kicker/Rim Light for Added Interest
04. Case Study #4 – Water Your Lenses & Angles
05. Case Study #5 – Got Junk? Light It?
06. Case Study #6 – Use Creative Accessories to Conceal
07. Case Study #7 – Incorporate Family & Friends Into Groom Prep
08. Case Study #8 – Positioning Hands
09. Case Study #9 – Focus on Photojournalism

Chapter Nine | Image Critique

01. Image Critique

Chapter Ten | Post Production
01. PhotoMechanic Culling Workflow
02. Lightroom Keyword for Organization
03. Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom Details
04. Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom Prep
05. Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom and Groomsmen Prep
06. Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom Portraits
07. Lightroom Post-Processing for Groomsmen Group Portraits
08. Lightroom Post-Processing for Journalistic Shots
09. Lightroom Post-Processing for Journalistic Shots Pt. 2
10. Fine-Tuning Lightroom Culling
11. Simple Photoshop Retouching
12. Black & White Virtual Copies in Lightroom

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