This 20-Year Old Aerial Photographer's Work Is So Good That It Will Make You Want To Give Up

I might as well sell my drone and you may think about it too after seeing what Australian photographer, Gabriel Scanu, has put together in the recent months. With aerial photography being more accessible than ever, there have a rise of amazing artists popping up in this rapidly growing genre, Scanu is definitely one that stands out from the growing crowd.
Based out of Australia, Scanu showcases the unique beauty his home country brings where the Pacific Ocean meets Australia's scenic coast.
"The thing I love most about drone photography is the fact that you can capture scenes from a perspective that they are usually never viewed from." Scanu told Wired.
In fact art is in his blood, Scanu's father taught him how to capture images using real film at the young age of 12.
You can see more of his work on his Instagram and YouTube page.


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Walking the plank

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Sounds like everybody is peanut butter and jelly up in here.

It was cool but nothing ground breaking.

Check out my drone reel

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This is so amazingly good.